Photography exhibition by Kelvin Rogers 21 – 27 June 2024

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Striking portraits of mannequins by photographer Kelvin Rogers, in his first one-person exhibition. These intimate portraits are quietly unsettling, questioning our expectations of portraiture and identity, while also celebrating difference.


We take them for granted. Mute, happy, thoughtful, watchful, dressed, distressed; we pass through their gaze without noticing.
Kelvin Rogers has been photographing mannequins across Europe for some years. There is even a small group he has revisited for further sittings, much like old friends but less welcoming. They are portraits, though of what is open to question. They are simply objects, yet they pose, they endure, they suggest.
These pictures are intentionally shot as portraits, rather than still-lives or street observations. The photographs are intended to raise questions about identity, portraiture and truth, and the constructed nature of appearance and image.

“I sought to give the mannequins the same role in their portrait that I would give a human, they are almost participants”. 

These are all mannequins that are no longer in mainstream stores (which prefer more anonymous faces now) but are found in thrift shops or street markets; they have moved on to a different life, acquiring new identities along the way. 

“Maybe it’s similar to us as individuals – as our lives change over time, how do we present ourselves in an age of heightened awareness of image encouraged by social media? How do we wear those changes, what do others see of us, how true is that perception?”

Kelvin is a former fashion photographer, working editorially for UK magazines. Family life brought a reassessment of priorities and led to a reinvention as an educator. In turn, this has allowed Kelvin to pursue more long term, personal projects for exhibition or publication. The Mannequin series draws on that previous experience in the fashion world but aims to go beyond the glossy surface to a more psychological depth. Having exhibited regularly, this is Kelvin’s first one-person exhibition.

All prints are for sale, both as framed prints and in smaller, quirkier formats!

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Open 10 – 6pm daily

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