Age Against The Machine Daytime Club The Party For The Older Party Animal – Brighton

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Bang! London’s greatest party for older clubber (30 plus only please) returns to Brighton, after two sellout shows at the Spiegeltent, for a daytime shindig at Chalk the kids can’t spoil!

For over 11 years Age has been catering for those who want to still fight for their right to party and definitely do not want to go gentle in to that good night (who else could mash up the Beastie Boys and Dylan Thomas?). In that time it’s been sold out month after month in London, started in Nottingham, Glasgow and soon Oxford, and now is making Brighton an outpost for the oldies.

As seen at Isle of Wight Festival and Standon Calling this isn’t your normal party for those of a certain age. No celebrity DJ’s, no pre-made playlists, it’s a riot of musical mayhem, whirling limbs and enormous sing-alongs, that’ll having you working muscles you’d forgotten you had.

Join Don and Reg for a night for massive tunes you actually know the words to and anthems that’ll make you have you busting moves like it’s the ’85 School dance again.

The one rule of Age (like Fight Club) is anyone under 30 is banned and those over must bring I.D to prove they are not some kiddie-wink trying to sneak in ad request something from the Barbie soundtrack (unless it’s I’m Just Ken, which is a banger).

There will be massive pop, indie, soul, ska, funk, disco and rock tunes from across the decades, some groovy visuals from the pop videos ads and cultural events of our youth and so much dancing you’ll feel like you’ve gone 5 rounds with George Foreman (sans healthy grill) the next day.

So get in training, stock up on the vitamin pills and get ready to party in a most disreputable manner!

Age Against The Machine Daytime Over 30s Party

Saturday 10 August

Chalk 13 Pool Valley, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1

3pm to 7pm

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Price from £9

 Tickets/ Info:

Press enquiries: 07930 414 626

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