Artist of this week is graphic designer Matt Webber

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This week the Brighton Journal got talking with graphic design student Matt, who started his artistic journey in Brighton and has just finished studying at university in Bristol.

Most of Matt’s creative work is done in his home studio (which he honestly described as a “glorified desk”). Because the majority of his pieces are done digitally, all the only tools he really needs to create, are a laptop and drawing tablet, and a sketchbook and pens.

What’s the most exciting project you’ve worked on so far? 

I recently designed an album cover for one of my favourite childhood music producers, J Majik. It was a very enjoyable project to work on and great to meet someone who inspired my music taste at such a young age.

Lost In Translation: A project investigating French phrases that do not translate to English.
Phrase 1: Coincer La Bulle // To Wedge the Bubble

Lost In Translation: A project investigating French phrases that do not translate to English.
Phrase 1: C’est Le Petit Jesus En Culotte De Velours // It’s Like baby Jesus in Velvet Underpants

What made you decide to become an artist?

I enjoyed drawing from a very young age but always found it difficult, as I was a bit of a perfectionist. I went down the art education root; from art GCSE to Graphic Design A level, then Art Foundation and have just finished my Graphic Design degree. Throughout this journey, I began to explore more and more digital ways of working. This is when I found my love for digital illustration and image making and when I realised that I wanted to do this as a profession.

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Lost In Translation: A project investigating French phrases that do not translate to English.
Phrase 3: A L’ouest // In The West

What are you currently working on?

Having handed in my final project for university on the 15th May, I’m having a bit of low time. I’ve got a few pieces for music events in Brighton and Bristol in the works. For example, I do designs weekly for the event at Patterns, Foundations which takes place every Friday. I will also be helping to set up the degree show in the next couple of weeks, taking place from Saturday 8th June until Wednesday 12th June at The Arnolfini Art Gallery by Harbourside for anyone who fancies seeing some great design work and finds themselves in the Bristol area.

On Board Entertainment: A project investigating how passengers utilise the Liminal Space between origin and destination on board flights.

What are the key themes in your work?

I always like to be making work which expresses my interests and opinions therefore try to find work which makes that possible. That’s the reason I started out with gig posters, as music is something very important to me. As it is advertising for another art form, generally it’s pretty fun and expressive work too. I also like to create work with a humorous undertone, as a lot of art these days can be very serious leaving a gap in the market for design which can put a smile on peoples faces.

System 1 & System 2: A project investigating how the brain controls the Liminal space between a question and answer.

What would you like people to notice about your work?

I hope that people get a feel of my personality through my work – conveying things that are important to me and the fact that I don’t take myself too seriously.

What attracts you to the medium you work in?

The ability to chop and change with the click of a button and the almost infinite possibilities of manipulation and creation within digital image making. I would get too frustrated if I were to only use physical forms.

Poster Design for Alternate’s Halloween Event Apocalypse 2018

How is your art affected by living in this area?

The thriving nightlife in Brighton means that there is plenty of work within music related design, it’s just a matter of getting yourself out there and talking to people who are associated with these events.

Poster Designs for Foundation’s February Events

What is your favourite thing to do locally?

I love going down to the beach in the summer with a pen and sketchbook and capturing the weird and wonderful happenings of the seaside. It’s a real pleasure being so close to a lovely beach, something I’ve missed whilst being at university in Bristol.

What is your favourite gallery?

I frequently nip up to London for days out at the Tate, National Portrait Gallery & Saatchi but more recently went to the Museo Nacional Centro De Arte Reina Sofia, in Madrid. Seeing the Picasso’s Guernica in person was fascinating, the sheer size of the piece is quite outstanding.


Poster Design for Acid Reflex’s Terrace Party in June

Who is your favourite artist currently and why?

Currently, I absolutely love the energy and personality that you can feel through Maxime Mouysset’s, crafty illustrations. His ability to capture the mood and dynamism of a situation through his vibrant images is fascinating and something which I would love to portray through my work.

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