Arundel Castle welcomes back the International Medieval Jousting Tournament

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Arundel Castle is thrilled to announce that this year’s International Medieval Jousting Tournament will take place from Tuesday 30th July to Sunday 4th August 2024.

Held over six days, this year’s quest for the ultimate jousting champion comprises eight competitors divided into four teams. They will compete for individual honours as well as representing their countries: England, France, Portugal, and Australia. Battling it out to gain glory for their country and the title of individual champion, the jousters will also compete in the Skill at Arms competition and be seeking the much-sought-after chivalry award.

Visitors can step back in time, witness a captivating spectacle of horseback combat, and watch in awe as these eight knights thunder down the tilt rail and lances shatter in clashes with their opponents.

Outside the excitement of the jousting tournament, the event offers a complete programme of medieval entertainment, ensuring an unforgettable experience for the entire family. The arena will also host falconry, a fire eater, and the renowned Arundel Castle ‘Kids Battle’. There will also be medieval musicians and activities for visitors to try their hand at, including archery, warrior training, axe throwing and a craft tent. Throughout the medieval encampment see demonstrations such as forging, cooking, leather work and period crafts.

Together with the action-packed schedule of entertainment, there is ample opportunity for exploring, as ticket holders are granted entry to the castle, grounds, and gardens.

When it comes to food, visitors can enjoy a feast fit for royalty at the Knights’ Table, castle’s café, coffee shop, or tea terrace or bring a picnic to enjoy in the grounds.

Andrew Lewis, Castle Manager at Arundel Castle, remarked on the return of this much-anticipated event:

“We are delighted to welcome back the International Medieval Jousting Tournament to Arundel Castle and to announce this year’s talented line up of competitors from around the world. This year’s event will be an exhilarating spectacle for all who attend and a rare chance for visitors to witness the thrilling tradition of jousting within the magnificent surroundings of one of England’s most iconic castles.”

Arundel Castle welcomes a Portuguese team for the first time, Australia for the second time, together with regular contenders England and France.

2024 competitors in the Arundel Castle International Jousting Tournament include:

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Benedict Green (England) With his medieval motto of ‘Benedictus sol aureus est” (blessed is the golden sun), Benedict epitomises the essence of English chivalry. Ready to take on any challenger and uphold the honour of the joust, he is a seasoned joust competitor with six years of experience under his Italian export, Milanese armour belt.

Emma Pearn (England) With her motto, “Damnant quod non intelligent” (they condemn what they don’t understand), Emma carries a profound message that reflects her character and determination. Clad in her striking High Gothic armour, she embodies the grace and strength of a true knight. Her undeniable skill marks her as a formidable contender in this year’s competition.

Mathias Delande (France) Adorned in distinguished late 15th-century Gothic-style armour, Mathias embodies the heritage of his French lineage. As the youngest among the competitors, Mathias emerges as a talented force in the quest for a French victory this year. His skill and enthusiasm make him a contender to watch on the tournament field.

Pierre-Emmanuel Guerton (France) With four years of competing experience, Pierre-Emmanuel is prepared to face any challenge in jousting. He is a stalwart of French chivalry, ready to uphold his nation’s honour in the jousting arena. His motto, ‘Nobilitas et Justicia requiro, sustineo utcumque’ (require nobility and justice, support whatever it costs), reflects his unwavering commitment to honour and righteousness.

Antonio Peixoto (Portugal) Commanding respect on the jousting field as our most experienced knight, Antonio Peixoto has honed his skills and mastered the art of combat over 13 years. His presence on the field is marked by his unwavering dedication and adherence to tradition. He stands as a testament to the spirit of Portuguese chivalry, ready to defend his nation’s honour with every tilt of the lance.

Jose Bernardes (Portugal) Exuding confidence and determination, Jose is unwavering in his commitment to the noble tradition of chivalry. His impressive nine years in the jousting circuit have sharpened his abilities through countless contests, and he has emerged as a respected competitor, ready to uphold the honour of Portugal at any cost.

Clifford Marisma (Australia) Clad in the esteemed 15th-century Italian armour and standing ready to represent Australia, Clifford is a towering figure in the jousting realm at 5’11. He has earned respect and refined his dexterity over nine years of countless challenges. Proudly representing the spirit of his heritage, Clifford’s presence commands attention, reflecting his unwavering determination and courage.

Renae Marisma (Australia) With the motto ‘Magnus somnia’ (dream big), Renae inspires with her ambition and stands as a symbol of Australian bravery, ready to chase her dreams and uphold her nation’s honour with every charge. Adorned in the distinguished 15th-century German Gothic armour, she commands attention on the jousting field, embodying the strength and heritage of her homeland.

Arundel Castle will also welcome back crowd favourites Nigel Amos as tournament compère and Kyle Dolah-Evans as Marshal of the Field, the head judge and supreme voice of authority.

Tickets to the International Jousting Tournament (including access to the castle, grounds, and gardens) are available at and cost from £31 per adult, £13 for a child, or £75 for a Family Ticket. Children under five years old can enter for free.

Please note that catering and event details are subject to change, including due to weather conditions; for full details, check the website. Arundel Castle reserves the right to change events or access to areas at any time. All catering is subject to menu & opening hours variations and availability. Age and height restrictions apply to some of the visitor activities.

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