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Educators, parents, and supporters will gather outside Hove Town Hall to demonstrate against the proposed closure of St Peter’s and St Bartholemew’s Primary Schools.

The Council’s Children, Families and School’s Committee is due to meet on Thursday 29th Feb at 4pm to decide whether to recommend closure of the two popular local schools. A further special meeting of the full council will meet at 4.30pm Monday 4th March to make a final decision on whether to close the schools or not.

Demonstrations will take place outside Hove Town Hall as follows:

  • 3pm Thursday 29th February
  • 3.30pm Monday 4th March

The NEU, representing over 2000 educators in the city, is calling on the Labour administration to stick to its pre-election manifesto promise to ‘keeping schools open’ and withdraw the proposal to close the schools.

The Union has called on the Council to look at alternatives to closure and has accused the administration of shortsightedness.

It is understood the governing body of at least one of the two schools is considering referring a possible closure proposal to the Government’s Schools Adjudicator asking for such a damaging decision to be overturned.

 Commenting on the situation, Nick Childs, Senior Regional Officer commented,

‘Educators, parents, and supporters of these two popular schools will be hoping that the Council will do the right thing and listen to their heart felt pleas to drop the closure proposals. They will also be asking if they can trust an administration that promised in their pre-election manifesto to ‘keep schools open’ to be honest about anything in the future if they go ahead with the closure proposals’.

‘The closure of these two popular and good schools is very shortsighted. Whilst pupil admission numbers have been falling in recent years, these tend to change over time depending on birth rates and range of other factors. Once a school is closed the local authority cannot reopen new schools. This means that if new provision is required in coming years the only option is a privately run academy something that the Council have publicly opposed’.

 ‘Both schools provide an excellent education to their respective communities and continue to take on new pupils. We appeal to the Council to stick to their pre-election promise, listen to educators, parents and the local communities and withdraw these damaging and unnecessary proposals immediately’.

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