Brighton based author publishes new crime novel, The First Widow by Rob Starr

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Over a hundred husbands dead, one prisoner, one fraud investigator and countless secrets. The most horrifying case of Kiara Fox’s career…

Kiara Fox leads a seemingly ordinary life as a highly respected fraud investigator for SEICO Insurance. With a loving husband and twin daughters, her world seems perfect. But when a case involving a wealthy man named Martin Power lands on her desk, she senses something off. Despite her husband, work colleagues and friends urging her to approve the claim and move on, Kiara can’t shake the feeling that something sinister is at play.

Forced to pay the claim, Kiara soon discovers that Martin Power’s folder has vanished. In a shocking twist, she finds the missing folder hidden within another investigator’s files—Michael Hall from the Bristol office. It’s identical to her own case, sparking her determination to uncover the truth.

As innocent people begin to die, she realises there’s more behind this than first meets the eye. She finds herself up against the widows, a ruthless group of women murdering their husbands for life insurance payouts. Torn between protecting her own family and uncovering the masterminds behind the widows, Kiara faces an impossible choice.

Can Kiara stop the widows before more innocent lives are lost?

This female-driven thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat with twists and turns that will leave you speechless. Dive into a story like no other, where the stakes are high, and nothing is as it seems.

Rob Starr dives into the world of fraud crime in a captivating approach that hooks you from the start and leaves you craving more. Drawing from his own life experiences, Rob has an unparalleled understanding of fraud and insurance, offering insights that few can match.

Perfect for fans of Peter James, Daniel Silva and Lee Child.

About Rob Starr

Rob Starr owns and runs SEICO Insurance & Mortgages since 1991 and has offices in Brighton, London and South Africa. His first book What The Tide Brings Back was published on 4th January 2022.

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In 2008, he lost his father to cancer and set up a charity in his honour. His business covers all the running costs of the charity and as such his small team raises what they can from local events and gives it away as grants to Young People who simply need a chance to be the best that they can be and need someone to believe in them. So far, they have raised and given away over a Million Pounds to over 4000 young people.  Rob is Chairman and the lead at the charity –

Away from insurance, charities and writing, Rob loves a challenge. In 2012 he swam the English Channel. In 2013 he cycled up Le Mont Ventoux. Between 2014-2020 he did 21 Olympic Triathlons.  In 2021 he completed two half Ironman Triathlons as well as his first full Ironman.  And in 2022 he completed his 52×52 Challenge. This is 52 Olympic Triathlons in 52 consecutive weeks.

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