Brighton Council Offering Cycling Courses for Nervous Riders

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Have you considered getting back on your bike recently, but feel nervous negotiating the busy roads? It’s a wonderful way to cut down your carbon foot print and become healthier at the same time.

If you want to feel more confident cycling on busy roads, tackling junctions and communicating with other road users, then Brighton council’s cycling courses could be for you.

The council’s City Cycling Skills courses are available for sign up now, and are suitable for beginners who need to learn to ride, rusty riders hoping to get back into cycling, or experienced cyclists.

There are two cycle maintenance courses on offer too, of different levels, from beginners to intermediate. These will teach you how to look after your bike and replace worn out or faulty parts.

Courses range from  as little as £10, up to £20. They are subsidised by the Department for Transport’s Access Fund for Sustainable Travel, an organisation from which Brighton & Hove City Council successfully won funding in January last year.

Find out more about City Cycling Skills here, which will be advertised on social media during February.


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