Brighton Journal Exclusive: An In-Depth Conversation with Poldark

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Brighton Journal is thrilled to sit down with Poldark, the renowned hypnotist and star of the upcoming “El Mistico” tour. Poldark has captivated audiences around the globe with his unique blend of stage hypnosis and today, we delve into his fascinating journey into hypnotism, his experiences, and his aspirations.

How did you get into hypnotism?

At 18, I attended a cabaret show where I witnessed for the first time, a hypnotist perform. The performance was mesmerizing, and I was completely enthralled by the power of hypnotism. When I shared my excitement with my parents, they revealed a surprising secret: the hypnotist on stage was my biological father. This revelation was a shock, as I had no idea about my adoption until that moment. Meeting him was a pivotal moment in my life. After wondering if I had the gift of hypnosis, I wanted to try it out for myself. My friend agreed for me to try it on him, so we set up a camcorder and embarked on my first ever attempt at hypnotism. Basically he followed my instructions, and to my surprise I found I was able to hypnotize him. The experience was transformative, igniting a passion for hypnotism that led me to dedicate the next two years of rigorous practice, building the confidence required to perform on stage.

Can you tell us about your relationship with your father and how it influenced your career?

My relationship with my biological father remained professional and amicable. I was mindful of protecting the bond with the father who raised me, so I kept our newfound relationship respectful and focused on our shared interest in hypnotism. Over time, this relationship evolved into a professional rivalry, which motivated me to refine my skills further. In 1998, I decided to move to Spain, specifically to San Antonio, Ibiza, where I immersed myself in the vibrant pub and club scenes. This diverse and dynamic audience provided me with invaluable experience. Performing in such a varied environment allowed me to develop a versatile approach to hypnotism, catering to different audience types.

What prompted you to become a certified hypnotherapist and psychotherapist in 2008?

After years of performing, I realized that to truly understand and help my volunteers, I needed to delve deeper into the therapeutic aspects of hypnotism. In 2008, I took a year off from entertainment to study and qualify as a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. This period of intense study and practical experience was eye-opening. I conducted case studies on clients and accumulated a significant number of hours as a practicing therapist. This training gave me a deeper understanding of the human mind and allowed me to approach my volunteers with greater empathy and insight.

How do you differentiate yourself from other hypnotists, and what is your unique selling point?

What sets me apart from other hypnotists is my commitment to proper training and ethical practice. Many stage hypnotists lack formal training, which can lead to unethical practices. I have spent years studying at Griffith College in Dublin to become a certified therapist, ensuring that my approach is both professional and responsible. My shows are unique because they involve interactive hypnosis, where volunteers engage with the audience while under hypnosis. This creates a memorable and immersive experience for everyone involved. One of my signature acts involves a volunteer believing they are a plank of wood, as I suspend them on two chairs while another person stands on them, showcasing the incredible power of the mind and the depth of hypnotic states.

What is the format of your shows, particularly for the “El Mistico” tour?

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The “El Mistico” tour is a carefully crafted 3 hour performance divided into two distinct parts: The first 50 minutes of each show consists of a special guest who compliments my performance .

Angus Baskerville, Magician and Mind Reader will open the majority of shows in England and Liam A Black – The Glittering Prince of Magic will entertain audiences in the Scottish region, beginning with our opening show on August 28th in Glasgow. After a short interval, I take to the stage. It is the volunteers who are the stars of the show and provide entertainment. We use a mix of hypnosis and mind reading, involving audience volunteers (Poldark always invites volunteers as opposed to selecting them) to create a dynamic and engaging show. Currently, we are in the rehearsal phase, meticulously preparing to ensure everything is perfect for our debut in Hove on September 26th. Our goal is to blend mystical elements with interactive hypnosis, creating an unforgettable experience that captivates and entertains the audience.

What are your ultimate aspirations for your career and the “El Mistico” tour?

My ultimate aspiration is for our tour listings to sell out quickly, indicating that we are well-known and appreciated for our work. Achieving this would mean that we have made a significant impact in the world of entertainment and hypnotism. If our shows are in high demand, it would be a testament to the quality and uniqueness of our performances. Ultimately, my goal is to be recognized as a leading figure in the field of hypnotism, known for ethical practices and innovative performances.

Poldark’s journey into hypnotism is as intriguing as his performances. From a life-changing revelation at 18 to becoming a certified hypnotherapist and renowned stage hypnotist. Poldarks’s story is one of dedication, passion, and continuous learning. With the upcoming “El Mistico” tour, audiences can expect a blend of mystical entertainment and profound hypnotic experiences. Stay tuned for what promises to be a groundbreaking show in the world of hypnotism.

If you would like to purchase El Mistico tickets, they are priced at £21.00 and are on sale via The Old Market website, with an early bird discount available until the end of June.

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