Brighton Seafront Through Our Eyes- a new Photography Club

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Brighton Seafront Through Our Eyes– a new Photography Club display opens on BMAG’s south balcony.

Brighton & Hove Museums have continued their successful annual partnership with Photoworks, to deliver a photography club for young people this summer.

Photography Club is an initiative enabling 13–16-year-olds from Brighton & Hove to meet regularly, develop skills, produce photography, and gain an Arts Award. The club actively targets young people who would most benefit from creative intervention, and as such many participants have additional support needs.

The group have been investigating ‘spirit of place’ and themes of landscape, place and time with Sussex-based photographer Rachel Poulton. From this, they have been inspired to create new photographs exploring the topography of Brighton & Hove past and present. 

The group began by delving into the museum’s vast photography archive with its historical images of our seaside town, then going out together to photograph Brighton’s seafront as they see it now. 

Brighton is one of the most iconic coastal resorts but for the young members of Brighton Photography Club it is simply home. Through exploration of both archival images and contemporary photographs, the young people started to see Brighton from a fresh perspective. 

Comparing past and present, they noticed changes in the landscape and spotted sites that have remained the same. Familiar landmarks became more significant and so, with cameras in their hands and newly acquired photographic skills, each young person set out to capture Brighton’s distinctive ‘spirit of place’. 

Theo, project participant said: “It’s been a blast, lots and lots of fun. Being around people who also like doing this photography is a different energy. It’s really inspiring seeing the exhibitions and going around Brighton noticing all the little things and trying to make photos that are interesting. All the people in the workshop are wonderful.”

CEO for Brighton & Hove Museums Hedley Swain said: “This is a fantastic project for young people and we are always deeply impressed by the standard of work produced. This year they have excelled with their wonderful images of our city.”

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