Brighton Street Fashion – What We Wearing?

Courtney, 24 and her boyfriend Jack, 26 were sitting outside a pub next to the Brighton Dome attending a siblings graduation. Courtney has recently opened her own kitchen The Pot Belly Kitchen in Brighton “it’s going really well, it’s only been open about a week”. She’d moved over to Brighton at 16 and says that “it’s just ended up being home”.


Courtney’s lovely fur coat is a £20 purchase from a vintage boutique store called Cow on Bold Street in Liverpool. “Everything’s cheaper in Liverpool!” Jack has just been promoted to the senior manager at Brighton Electric Recording Studious “It’s great! It’s crazy!” after working there for the last year. His snazzy £3 jacket is from a charity shop The British Heart Foundation (also whilst they were in Liverpool). The paired £15 winter jumper was bought from a new vintage shop in the arcade called bags rags!


Romana, 20 works at the Brighton & Hove calenders market stool in Kensington Gardens in the North Laine and has been for the past 3 years. “It’s a great place to work, you end up talking to lots of people!” She also works at the Sealife center next to the Brighton Pier. Juggling two jobs to stay in beloved Brighton which she loves “the people are always really friendly and colourful! Brighton’s so full of colours!”Her beautiful £16 shawl is from Sea Gypsy in the North Laine and her coat is between 5 and 7 years old, purchased from a charity shop for about £4! Her cute black bonnet is from H&M “years and years old! All my clothes are so old!”. Doesn’t matter how old your clothes are! Romana is also wearing DM’s and colourful corduroys! “I’ve always got to have a little bit of colour in my wardrobe!”


Ricky, 32 works in advertising in London and was taking a couple days off in Brighton to do some shopping. “I love the shopping here, so I’m just doing a bit of Christmas shopping.” Her gorgeous £250 dark navy blue coat is from Jaeger, she’s also wearing a Burberry scarf that she received as a gift and slim £120 black jeans from Levi’s. The paired boots are from a shop in London called Author for about £100! But her hair looks that great for free!


Josh, 24 is a letting agent who was graduating from BIMM doing pro musicianship the very day I met him! I saw Josh very skillfully and luckily manage to dodge falling bird droppings. “That was close!” Today was a special occasion for Josh so he’s wearing a special outfit but never the less he is generally a suit man. This particular suit was one of his girlfriend’s grandfathers that he’d had made for his sons 21st birthday! Josh just had it tailored to fit him so he could wear it at his graduation. And his tie is something borrowed from his housemate. “I always try and look good because it helps do deals.”


Georgia, Josh’s lovely girlfriend is a men’s wear fashion student at Brighton University and she also works part time at Gresham Blake which is a tailors in the North Laine. She started interning there in June as a design assistant but then was taken on in September, when she went back to Uni part time as the commerce assistant. Georgia and Josh live together in Hove, originally from the Midlands, Georgia likes Brighton because everyone’s “! In the Midlana bit wackierds, if men wear anything colourful then they’re just assumed to be gay hahaha. Everyones open minded here!”


Scarlet Franco Le Fey, Miss Pinup UK 2016 also known as Bonnie gets her clothes from charity shops, vintage markets but also places like Collectif and Lindy Bop “so lots of different influences.” Bonnie was brought up by her Dad who was a Teddy boy in the 1950s in London and her Mum was a catwalk model “so the two have mashed together to inspire my style.” Bonnie also grew up watching old Hollywood movies and listening to all the old songs from Frank Sinatra and other singers from his era. “So I kind of dress to the era I was brought up in.” Currently living in the North Laines and working in an office job at the i360, Bonnie says she loves living here because its so “bohemian” having been born and raised on the Isle of White which is beautiful but in Brighton “it’s so bohemian and exiting, it’s where the misfits go to fit in and I like that!”