Coffee Trends in Hospitality: What Every Hotelier Needs to Know

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Coffee is so much more than just a simple beverage anywhere; it is a key part of the visitor experience in hotels, coffee shops, pubs, bars, restaurants, etc. Hotels are realising how important it is to keep up with everything happening in the coffee service world, from the appeal of freshly ground beans to the art and skill needed in creating the ideal cup. All of this has over time spawned new brewing techniques, sustainability practices, and so much more that we will try to explore and explain right here.
One of the prime developments in the hospitality sector is hotel guests looking for more of speciality coffee experiences. Simple and generic coffee services are just not enough and now travellers are seeking out unique and memorable Out of Home Coffee experiences that are up to their newly developed tastes. Hoteliers are reacting to this by creating coffee menus that are rather special and feature something like customized brews, sourced beans from certain parts of the world, and unique flavour characteristics.

With new trends, there are several “new” ways of preparing and serving coffee and you probably heard of some of them – Pour-over, cold brew, and nitro coffee are few among those “new” approaches that are complementing traditional brewing procedures. With these you improve the coffee’s flavour and fragrance, but also give customers a visually appealing experience. Pour-over coffee, for example, requires the careful pouring of hot water over coffee grinds, resulting in a rich and subtle taste profile. Cold brew coffee is made with cold water over a lengthy period, resulting in a smooth and delicious cup. Nitro coffee enhances cold brew by infusing it with nitrogen gas, resulting in a creamy texture and heavier impact that surprises the senses.

But, all of these coffee experiences aside, hotels and customers are more and more focusing on sustainable standards as it is a new trend. Coffee business is known for its environmental and social effects, and some are deforestation, water pollution, and worker abuse. These were never popular and in this time in age, you need to reduce your carbon footprint and promote ethical business as if you want to stay in it. This means you have to work with certified coffee suppliers that use sustainable agricultural techniques, businesses that are for and promote recycling and composting initiatives and so on. Hotels that prioritize sustainability are simultaneously growing and appealing to socially conscious guests who make up a larger percentage of their business.

So, what practical actions can hoteliers take to change their coffee offerings and capitalize on these rising trends?

First off, start by investing in high-quality beans, equipment, and training. This includes working with local roasters and baristas who are aware about the current trends and practices.

Second, broaden your coffee offering to include a range of brewing methods, flavours, and sources to appeal to varied tastes and preferences. Invest in seasonal promotions and limited-edition blends.

Last but not least – consider sustainability in your coffee sourcing, manufacturing, and waste management procedures. By matching coffee diversity with consumer tastes and industry trends, you will easily increase client loyalty.

The coffee environment, as simple as it looks from far away, in hospitality is driven by changing customer tastes, technology breakthroughs, and sustainability concerns. As y Hotel owner or manager you have fewer and fewer chances to mix up coffee offerings and improve visitor happiness, so try to make a home run whenever an opportunity shows.

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