Coming soon: The theatre production of Ghost Stories

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If you’re into spooky shows all year round, you’re in for a treat as the theatre production of Ghost Stories is heading to Brighton very soon. Theatre Royal Brighton will be hosting the cult production, written by Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman, from Tuesday 11 February 2020 until their final show in the city on Saturday 15 February 2020.   

The actual contents of Ghost Stories have largely been kept secret despite its premier a decade ago and film adaptation. This secrecy is meant to allow those viewing it for the first time to fully experience the thrill of everything that happens during the show which is said to contain plenty of twists and turns.

One of the show’s co-creators is Andy Nyman, an award winning actor, writer, and director. He said:

“Secrets are precious. If you give people a secret that they really enjoy and you ask them nicely to keep it, they do.”

He added:

“Everything is spoiled for you. Every single film and television trailer ruins plot points. Jeremy and I love the experience of telling people a really good story without them knowing anything about it in advance. You feel the buzz in the audience; it’s an exciting thing to sit and watch.”

For these reasons, he remains reluctant to reveal details about the production, but was able to say:

“Ghost Stories is a 90-minute scary, thrill-ride experience about a professor of parapsychology who investigates three cases. That’s as much as you get and that’s more than we ever used to give.”

He added that the show can be described as:

“A rattling hour and a half that will make you roar with laughter, leap out of your seats and talk about it for a very long time.”

© Laura Collins

Screenwriter, stage-writer, and author, Jeremy Dyson, who co-created the show with Nyman, said that his original love for horror began at a very young age:

“It probably started, for me, with Scooby Doo. There were a lot of scary things for kids around in the 70s, and lots I was enchanted by. Doctor Who would have been a part of that, which in the 70s had a real horror edge to it. So the groundwork was done by the time I was seven or eight years old.”

He added:

“People used to buy me collections of ghost stories for my birthdays. They were supposed to be for kids, but they were the most terrifying tales.”

Dyson also discussed what it takes to write a show like Ghost Stories:

“I think it’s hard to do well. You have to have a love both for theatre and for horror. It’s a bit like comedy. People talk about comedy writers having funny bones. I think you need scary bones to write horror.”

There are several experienced and talented actors taking on the main roles. You can look out for Paul Hawkyard as Tony Matthews, Joshua Higgott as Professor Goodman, Gus Gordon as Simon Rifkind and Richard Sutton as Mike Priddle.

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So, if you’re looking for a spooky surprise for your significant other this Valentine’s Day, or would just love to see what all the fuss is about, make sure to grab tickets to this thrilling event before they go.

Head to to find tickets, or call 0844 871 7650 (booking fees apply). Visit their website at, and find all of their social media handles listed below.

Facebook: @ghoststories

Twitter: @ghoststoriesUK

Instagram: @ghoststoriesLDN

Featured image: © Laura Collins

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