Concorde 2 urges residents to sign petition

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As a Brighton resident, you are likely to be aware about the current condition of the iconic Madeira Terraces on the way to Concorde.

You may also know about the £463,000 that has been raised by the Save Madeira Terraces Group and Concorde 2. It’s now time to spend the money, but the council is proposing to restore three arches at the Western end of Madeira Terraces instead.

Both The Save the Madeira Terraces Committee and Concorde 2 feel that the money would be better spent on restoring the arches closer to the music venue. The Committee has raised many points in the e Petition details, namely that “It makes better business sense to restore the 3 crowd funded Arches at the Concorde 2 end of Madeira Drive.” They state that
It would lead to more use of the of the Volks railway midway station & workshop gallery” and that “The repair of the Concorde 2 roof, public toilets & the Madeira Lift are urgent & will give more benefits to traders, residents and visitors around this area than anywhere else along Madeira Terraces“.

If you want to sign the petition, click here, details are available here.

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  1. Surely it makes more sense to fix the part of terraces that would benefit tax and rates paying small businesses.

  2. Maybe the council could call in the money owed to them up to June 2018 by the British Airways i360 ? Then everything could be sorted.
    “The committee had already deferred one payment of £570,000 – at the end of June (2018)– and there is a concern that the i360 will be unable to meet its obligations at the end of December (2018).”
    ( Argus October 2018 )


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