‘Don’t You Want Me’ Exhibition Hits Brighton this November

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As we all know, Brighton is bursting with life and things to do. It’s constantly churning out new events to cater for the masses.

With so many artistic individuals living in Brighton, it’s not surprising that we have a constant flow of exhibitions. There’s such a range of different art based events for us to enjoy.

There are illustration fairs lavish with pins and prints galore. As well as incredible displays of art throughout history in Brighton Museum. With several galleries dotted around, as well as independently arranged events, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste.

A Photography Exhibition on it’s Way to Brighton

This November we can expect a multitude of art based events to get the creative juices flowing. One of which is a really exciting exhibition, titled ‘Don’t You Want Me’, which takes place from the 1st to the 30th of November in Speakers Corner.

The dates of the exhibition coincide perfectly with Trans Awareness Week and Trans Day of Remembrance. This is so relevant to the photographs on display, as they are various portraits of the LGBTQ community alongside their rescue dogs.

Therefore, this may have a place in many people’s hearts. As it shows just how significant companionship is. Many of us have felt alone and unaccepted by others. But these photographs can demonstrate, that after going through hardship, there is always happiness around the corner.

Image Found – http://www.dontyouwantme.com/

Spreading a Crucial Message

The photographers, Deb Klein and Jack Jackson both share a mutual love of animals and the project is as personal to them as the people in the photos. Clearly, they are both driven to document something which they are passionate about.

Animals can make such a massive difference to our well being. If we feel like we have no one to turn to, animals can bring us the feelings of love we think we are missing. Therapy animals and pets can improve our mental health, just by providing us some company and affection.

Klein and Jackson manage to depict the strong connection humans can have with animals and it is so moving to see. They intend to show us that everyone deserves to be loved and we can see this throughout the collection of photographs. As well as showing a connection between dog and owner, the exhibition also connects the LGBTQ community as well as art and animal lovers.

The dogs may have been rescued from places where they felt unloved and mistreated. However, the photographs depict the incredible impact the rescue dogs have made on the people who now own them. We are able to see a mutual, new found happiness, where both dog and owner equally improve each other’s quality of life.

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The message this work can provide is so positive and inspiring. Just by viewing this exhibition, we can all become a little bit more connected!

Image Found – http://www.dontyouwantme.com/
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