Effective Tools for HR: Employee Drug Testing Kits

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What is DIY drug testing kit

For the past couple of years, many people have started to use drugs on a daily basis. The reasons for the increase in people’s drug intake are associated with different factors; some people do it to relieve stress, others do it to forget, and some even do it due to the influence of other people. 

As the usage of drugs started to increase, many environments and institutions made it a requirement for their members and employees to provide regular drug testing results in order to prevent these members from having an influence on others in the organization. 

Drug testing is considered to be pricey for some people. Still, if people were required to provide these test results on a regular basis, the accumulation of the test prices increased the expenses of these members, which became a problem for many people. In order to solve this problem, companies started to come up with innovative products and solutions to meet the necessary demands of these people. 

After a lot of time and effort spent on research, companies were able to introduce the do-it-yourself drug testing kits that provided people with an inexpensive and user-friendly testing kit alongside numerous benefits that they did not get from taking the tests in medical institutions. 

So, a DIY drug testing kit comes in many different forms, and using them is considered to be an easy task that will allow users to meet the requirements of the institutions they’re a part of; for instance, using an Oral swab drug test kit, people are only required to use the swab to take a small amount of their saliva and insert it inside the tool to get the results. Thus, if you belong to an institution where drug test results are a requirement, be sure to use a DIY drug testing kit to reap the benefits associated with the product. 

Why has drug testing become a requirement for many environments

As mentioned above, the increase in the number of people who have started using drugs was influenced by others who were already substance abusers. In order to prevent the negative influence associated with drug usage in the working environment, many companies have started to require their employees to provide drug tests, which, in the long run, will not have an impact on an employee’s key performance indicator. 

So, nowadays, many employees are starting to look for easy solutions like the Saliva-based drug test kit to provide the testing results for their employers to prove that their body is clean from any substances and they will not cause chaos in the working environment. 

What do HR Professionals need to consider  

Since the Human resources departments of companies decide to make providing drug testing results a requirement, the HR professionals are required to consider some aspects before making the final decision. 

First and foremost, requiring employees to provide test results can be unethical and illegal in some countries since these types of results are considered to be confidential between a medical person and a patient. So, before making the decision, it is essential to research and understand the scope of confidentiality associated with asking employees to provide these results in order to prevent the company from getting lawsuits in the future. 

On the other hand, since this decision is increasing the costs and necessary expenses of an employee, companies need to figure out the best way to make this decision a requirement without receiving any backlash from employees due to the increase in their expenses. For instance, many companies have started to bulk purchase Oral fluid drug test kits and provide a single one for each employee. Other companies have increased the wages of their employees by a small percentage that will cover these costs. 

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Different types of DIY drug test kits for employees

As the demand for DIY testing kits increased over time, companies that were in charge of producing these testing kits started to expand their product lines by introducing different types of testing kits. 

Nowadays, people are able to find drug testing kits, which are done by saliva, sweat, hair, and even blood. On the other hand, many companies also introduced an alcohol testing kit in their product lines, which has also helped in the case of providing alcohol test results for many people. 

What to do after taking a DIY drug test

Even though many people take these drug testing kits as a requirement, it is important to understand what can be done after getting positive results from the drug testing kit.

So, if you get a positive result from the testing kit, it is important to reach out to a medical professional in order to discuss the next right steps for you. On the other hand, talking with others who have gone through the same situation might help your case.


In conclusion, using a DIY drug testing kit provides people and companies with many advantages; thus, HR professionals should take advantage of this effective tool when requiring drug tests from their employees. 

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