Finding Ways To Be More Greener With Technology: A Guide

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Making lifestyle changes is a common trend many go through each year. For instance, a common change many aim to implement is living a more positive lifestyle – choosing to eat healthier and working out more frequently.

Another lifestyle change many are making is trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle. This includes finding ways to be more sustainable, reduce waste, and reduce their carbon footprint. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to be greener, especially with technology, and here’s how.

Sell Instead Of Throw

Naturally, when making lifestyle changes, many of us will use it as a time to declutter. Throwing away belongings we don’t need or no longer use. However, items that are thrown away or recycled property will likely find their way to a landfill site. Instead of throwing away these no longer used belongings, consider selling them.

In today’s modern era, there are plenty of apps on your mobile or tablet device for online marketplaces. Some are catered towards specific items, such as clothes or household items. Research the options and choose the one most suited to you and what you intend to sell. From there, you can create an account, upload photos of these belongings, and hopefully sell them and send them off to their new home. This way, you are not wasting items, just finding them a new home – and making a little profit!

Invest In Repairs

When a mobile phone, laptop or tablet starts to run painstakingly slow, a common reaction is to assume that it is time to throw these devices away (or to the junk draw) and invest in the latest version. However, in most instances, there are ways to repair these issues – allowing you to keep your beloved device and not invest in the cost of replacements.

Instead, you can invest in the services of mobile phone repairs or tablet repairs from repair companies near you. If you search ‘mobile phone repairs near me’, one option you might consider is Through their website, they can offer the best course of action to take with your damaged device. They might be able to fix and restore it so it is good as new!

Switching To Smart Meters

Most modern homes share similar appliances to help to keep their home safe and green. Many have installed security or doorbell cameras to help keep the property safe. This allows them to record any movement outside their property and to see who is at their door before opening it. Helping to keep their property green, many homeowners have invested in smart meters.

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Smart meters clearly display how much gas and electricity home appliances are using. These helpful devices can allow you to identify what items in your home are using the most energy and if there are any ways you can help to reduce it. Additionally, this helps to provide more accurate energy bills, meaning you are paying for the amount you are using – rather than an estimate.

Working From Home

The events of recent years have resulted in a noticeable shift in the way many individuals work. One of the main changes is individuals working from home. Many modern businesses allow their

employees to work remotely or have a hybrid working style – working from home most days and from the office one or two days. Employees have become more comfortable with working from home, as they can create an office space that motivates them to be productive. They can choose the temperature, what clothes feel most comfortable and what background noise, if any, they have on to help them work.

Whilst these are great benefits of working from home, another is reducing your commute to and from the office daily. This helps reduce your carbon footprint and save money on how often you fill your car with petrol and how many coffees or lunches you buy at work. Additionally, if you often fly or travel for work meetings, consider hosting them over video call on Skype, Zoom or Teams instead. Again, this saves time and money on the commute and reduces your carbon footprint from CO2 emissions.

Enjoy The Benefits

The above tips are just a selection of ways that technology can help you live a greener lifestyle. Fortunately, not all changes made with technology have to break your bank account. Small changes, such as selling unused belongings, can help you make a difference. After implementing one or more of the above changes or finding additional ones of your own, you can then reap the benefits they offer. Keep reading to discover some benefits you could enjoy should you embrace being greener with technology.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Of course, the most obvious benefit of finding ways to be greener is that you are living a more sustainable lifestyle than before. The carbon footprint that you leave behind is reduced, and you can continue finding ways to reduce it even further. You can also use technology to help you calculate what your carbon footprint is currently, and use the findings to implement even further changes to your lifestyle. Travelling only when necessary, monitoring energy usage, and reducing waste are all factors that help you become greener.

Save Money – As briefly mentioned with the smart meter, implementing greener measures into your home helps you cut costs. Instead of overspending on energy bills, you are paying what you use, which might be lower than previously estimated. If working from home, or hosting meetings virtually instead of in person, helps you to save money on petrol for your car, train or plane tickets. Additionally, choosing to get your mobile or tablet repaired instead of buying new means you could save a significant amount. The amount saved could boost your savings or help you use technology to invest in other green measures.

Keep Waste Low – Throwing away items in good condition but no longer used is wasteful. These items can find homes in landfills when improperly disposed of, such as recycling. With many households not properly disposing of unwanted items, landfills can get filled up quickly. Using technology to find unwanted items a new home, or to repair them, helps you to keep your waste low. Alongside this, you can also use technology to help you find innovative ways to keep how much water is wasted or electricity.

Decide Which To Implement

Now you know what changes and updates you can make to your home to make it greener thanks to technology, deciding which to implement is the next decision. Spend time researching more about which one of the ways you could implement if you haven’t implemented some already. You might discover that some are easier than anticipated. For instance, downloading marketplace apps to sell some of your clothes and belongings so they find new homes.

After researching and implementing some of these changes, monitor their difference. You might notice that you are not wasting as much as usual. The amount you spent on commutes and travel is far lower than in previous months. You might notice a drop in what is due when the next monthly bill comes. These positive improvements could result from the greener changes you made thanks to technology.

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