What would the Green Party do for Brighton and Hove?


The Green Party are hoping to recover seats on the Brighton and Hove City Council in May. The party led the council in 2011 but lost over half their seats at the last election. But what would the Greens do now if they led the council again?

The Greens’ Brighton and Hove manifesto is split into three sections; ‘a city to be proud of’, ‘a city for everyone’ and ‘a city for the future’.


To address homelessness, the party seeks to treble the impact of the ‘Housing First’ programme, which provides support for homeless people.

They will also deliver a programme of quick-build, non-traditional modular homes and sign up to a Bill of Rights for the homeless.

The Greens also intend to set up a council-run not-for-profit lettings agency and press for rent controls in the city.


On healthcare, the Green Party would lobby for better mental health provision and resist cuts to the NHS.

They will fund an HIV prevention and education programme and push to have privatised local health services returned to the public sector.

The party would also reverse the policy of rationing provision of adult social care.


The Green Party will work with schools to help them manage a ‘crisis’ in funding and continue their opposition to academies.

The party plans to promote outdoor education to increase children’s exposure to nature. They would also work to introduce free bus passes and annual subscriptions to the Brighton BikeShare scheme for teenagers.


The party opposes cuts to, and campaigns for more frequent, train services, and supports the Brighton Main Line 2 project. The project is a proposed new Brighton-London train line via Uckfield to relieve pressure on the existing route.

They also plan to lobby transport providers to reduce fares and improve services, as well as expanding and enforcing 20mph zones to improve road safety.


The Green Party want to deliver a waste and recycling service that works for residents, by revisiting contracts approved by the Conservatives and Labour.

They also want to make major events held in the city free of single-use plastic by 2020. As well as this, Green-led council would promote projects that turn food waste into renewable energy.

The party will also expand clean air zones in Brighton and cut the use of herbicides and pesticides in parks and open spaces.

Community and culture

The party also want to address delays to the redevelopment of the King Alfred leisure centre. They would also invest in local parks and a programme of sustainable business models for the arts.


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