How to enhance your home’s insulation with the right doors

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If you think about it, your door represents a rather large opening in your home and one through which quite a bit of heat can be lost. Your doors, in fact, do more work than you think, but sometimes they need a little help in order to do that job as effectively as possible. 

If you have doors that are falling apart, or perhaps letting draughts into your home – both of which might necessitate you turning up your boiler then read on. Here, we look at some of the things that you could be doing to ensure that your doors are working at their best. That way, you can help make your home a more energy efficient one. 

How do doors regulate room temperature?

There are two types of doors in your property; let’s consider your internal doors first. These doors can help you to conserve and release heat, as necessary. Closing a door between two rooms can help to keep the heat in, but if the door is ill fitting in its frame, then the heated air can escape. This can lead to the room feeling colder and mean that you might turn the heating up to compensate.

When it comes to your exterior doors, for example, the entrance to your property then it is even more important that this fits properly in its frame. This is because it doesn’t open onto another room, but to the outside, where the temperature could be even colder. Even the smallest gaps around your exterior doors can lead to significant cooler breezes in your property. This will have an impact on your heating and thus the energy efficiency of your home. 

What can you do to help improve the insulation properties of your doors?

As a result of the issues we have already identified, there are quite a few ways in which  closing a door in order to keep the temperature in a room at the appropriate level can go wrong. 

If the door in question is made of wood it is important to ensure that this is good quality wood and that over time, it has not warped. When this happens, you can end up with gaps that will allow the air to escape. A door that is insulated will significantly help to avoid this from happening. A door that is metal or solid wood will allow more heat transfer than a door that is insulated. 

Upgrading your doors can help to ensure that you will have a better seal against any heat loss. Newer doors employ improved technology that ensures that you get this better seal. That way, your door will be more energy efficient. 

When looking for new doors it is very important to remember that door frames are not all exactly the same size. This is why you can often end up with gaps between the frame and the door, which can result in a lack of heat from your property. Choosing a company who specialise in quality doors will help to ensure that the door you purchase for your home is the best fit for the space, and that it is fitted in the correct manner in order to ensure that there are no gaps. This will help to improve the insulation in your property and ensure that your doors are not responsible for energy inefficiency in your property. 

You may also want to think about automated external doors for your property that will help ensure that your doors are shut when not in use, as this will help to improve the insulation in your property as well. 


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