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Brighton Journal | 26th May 2020

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How to glow from the inside out: Interview with Bec Milligan

How to glow from the inside out: Interview with Bec Milligan
Hannah Midgley

Bec Milligan is a registered Nutritional Therapist, experienced yoga teacher and host of ‘Breath By The Sea’ in Brighton. Her method for well-being focuses on the importance of renewing, realigning and retreating ourselves in a fast-paced and corporate world. We interviewed her for some top tips on how best to treat our bodies and minds.

You value three R’ – Renew, Realign, Retreat – what is the importance of each one and how do they all link together?

“I wanted to capture all the elements of what I do under one mission statement. Nutritional Therapy, Yoga and breath work and running retreats. After coming through a health scare myself, and then retraining in Nutrition, these words captured how I felt once my health, and my career direction, was back on track. For me, the three pillars of health are to renew your optimum energy and wellbeing through a nourishing wholefood way of life. To realign your nervous system health, and buffer stress through practices such as breath work, yoga, meditation and being in nature. In order to have the focus to want to change our health and feel better, like taking time out or ‘retreating’ is so vital. Be it a weekend retreat like the one I run called ‘Breathe by The Sea’ in Brighton, or just a mini-moment retreat such as sitting on the beach for ten minutes and feeling grateful, can make a big impact in reducing stress and in turn allowing our body to work optimally.”

Why do you think it is that yoga workshops increase productivity and positivity in the workplace?

“The workshops I run in workplace settings are a combination of movement, breath work, meditation and creativity-boosting techniques. Workplace stress, both physical and mental can add to a feeling of pressure, an inability to feel and therefore work at your best, and sometimes it progresses to illness and injury. A workplace wellbeing session can give people the space to unwind the knots in their body and their mind. In my experience, when a work-force feel valued and encouraged to look after their physical and mental wellbeing, it sets a precedent and positivity and productivity tend to increase.”

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Why is what we put in our gut so important for our well-being?

“It’s not just about what we put into our bodies, to me the gut is the center of our holistic health. There is a saying, ‘It’s not what you eat, it’s what you absorb’, and many things can prevent us from absorbing the nutrients from our food. New research is coming out constantly examining the way our amazing micro-biome (the good bacteria in our gut) helps keep us healthy – so it makes sense for us to keep our micro-biome healthy too! A huge amount of our nervous system and immune system is located in the gut and when we start to realize this we understand that the gut can be the key boosting so many areas of health.”

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You are hosting an event at the Projects on the 14th of May Influence: Supercharge
Your Health from the Inside Out – what can people expect to get out of this?

“This event is a chance to come and hear about this holistic approach to health. I will give an overview of how our digestive and gut health can give us clues to certain conditions when it’s out of balance. We will look at some practical tips and hacks of what you can do to improve it right away, and therefore increase your overall wellbeing from the inside out. I’ll bring some yummy treats, and we may take part in a mini-meditation.”

Could you share a top tip with us of how to keep a healthy mind and body?

“I think me time is vital to being the healthiest version of you. My big tip is to take time out – just 3 minutes a day to give yourself a chance to stop, breathe, and ask yourself how you are feeling, and really listen to the messages from your body so you can start to tune in when things are out of whack. I like to say that the symptom is like a messenger knocking on the door – it’s your body trying to let you know something is not right, whether that’s poor sleep, poor digestion, bloating or low energy. There are ways to work with all of these things. I love my job, I try and listen to the story behind the symptoms, then I work together with clients to put things back in balance. ”

Influence: Supercharge Your Health from the Inside Out, will be taking place on the 14th of May, from 6. pm – 7. pm. Tickets are £6 and are available here.

Check out Bec’s website here, or follow her on Instagram here.

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