Humans of Brighton – Meet Jasmine the Florist

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We met Jasmine near The Old Steine working in a flower shop and had a quick chat with her.

Hi Jasmine, beautiful shop! How long have you been working in here? Thank you, I’ve worked here approximately for ten months.

Could you tell us a little about you? Well, I’m 26 years old. I was born here in Brighton and graduated in Props and Scenic Arts from University of London.

Which of these two cities do you prefer to live? London or Brighton? I lived in London to study in my university, and I loved it! Well, it was great to live there for a while, but I think London is better for visiting on weekends and better to live Brighton.

What is the one thing you’d recommend for people in Brighton to do if they get the chance? I highly recommend to visit Donatello, it’s an Italian restaurant and one of my favourites here in Brighton. I also recommend The Lanes for some shopping! But if you don’t like to go shopping, you can just go to the beach or visit the Pier. This is the beauty of Brighton, there are so many options to enjoy the city.

In a few words, describe Brighton. Unique, amazing and colorful.

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