Humans Of Brighton – Meet Positivity Spreading Blogger Kelsie!

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Hi Kelsie, where are you from?

I am from Horsham.

So, why do you come to Brighton?

I usually just come to Brighton to spend a nice day down here, but today I came here to get some nice pictures with my friend for our new blog. Just some pictures of doing normal fun things.

Tell me a bit more about your blog.

It’s about body positivity and self-love and it’s all just celebrating everyone’s body shapes and mindsets and everything. I created it with a friend of mine and we sort of just want to spread the love and let people know that they don’t have to conform to the social norms and just do what they want to make them happy. So, it’s just a blog following our lives basically in how we want to do that and spread that message around. On our Instagram, we have lots of pictures of people who are doing the same thing and spreading positivity so that everyone can follow everyone and get that vibe.

Why did you decide to start that blog?

We decided to start that blog because my friend and I were a little bit unhappy about the way we looked and then we decided that there is actually nothing wrong with it and that we need to accept ourselves. Once we started doing that, we just wanted everybody else to feel the same way.

And what do you do when you are not trying to make people feel happier about themselves?  

I work with children, so I look after the babies in a nursery.

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Does it sometimes get hard to do your job?

It makes me not want to have children. I mean, I love them, I really do love them, but just not in my house. It can get hard sometimes, but they are kids and you just love them for it, so it’s alright.

So, what do you like most when you come down to Brighton?

I just love that it’s so relaxed here. Even though it is a city, it doesn’t feel like a city. It’s not like when you are going to London and it is so busy that you can’t move. It’s nice and you can chill out and there are lots of places to eat. I have only just been to a vegan restaurant I didn’t know before and it was amazing. And I just like to go down to the tipi machines down at the pier and have a nice day. That’s my favorite thing.


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