Living In Brigthon-What To Do If You’ve Received An Eviction Notice

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Many people associate an eviction notice with a moral failing, but it’s not just a lack of rental payment or misbehaviour that could culminate in one of these notices. Evictions can be as simple as a landlord hoping to reclaim the property by a certain date so they can sell it. While some UK renter’s laws are changing to bring the power into the hands of private renters, including the banning of no-fault evictions, that doesn’t mean landlords aren’t making those decisions in advance, or selling up to counter that eventuality.

So, if you’ve received a notice that you need to move by a certain date, and the contract is fully verified in line with your prior rental agreement (such as no chance of renewal when your contract runs out), it’s important to know what to do next.

In this guide, we’ll give you several actionable steps you can put into motion to help you persevere through this tumultuous time:

Review the Eviction Notice Thoroughly

It’s good to review the eviction notice correctly. Make sure it applies to the renter’s rights you have, and that none are being impressed upon. Understand when you need to move out as per the deadline, and discuss the essential process, be that handing in your keys by a certain date, and when your protected deposit will be paid back to you. This will give you very set parameters you can use to plan your next move. Seek legal advice if necessary. Make sure to document any further correspondence you have.

Explore Mediation Or Negotiation

If you’re going through an eviction because the landlord wants access to the property once more, you may have some room to negotiate. The eviction notice may simply have been a notice of the intent to evict, and not necessarily a direct timeline or court order. If it is, you can still agree with them, in writing, to move out at a later date. If it’s an issue caused by a small disagreement, such as you paying your rent a week late for the last year, then you may be able to enact a trial of renewed behavior before they seek to remove you from the property.

Consider Moving Options & Timelines

The sooner you can put a moving timeline in place, the better. This might mean you rent out storage units so you can easily place your belongings in a safe place while you switch between accommodations or stay with a friend. You can also use reliable courier services to make sure your belongings are picked up correctly before you have to move out, and transported to your new accommodation or storage facility in time.

Consider Contacting Charities

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In the United Kingdom and Brighton, Shelter is the largest charity for those struggling with housing needs. Not only can they provide you with specific advice based on your situation, but may also help refer you to services that can escalate the issue where appropriate. On top of this, they may help you find temporary shelter if needed. Of course, you can also contact those in your life for charitable help at this time, be that staying with a family member or friend for a little while as you renew your accommodation approach or look at new apartments.

Ask For A Possible Reference

If evicted for a “positive reason,” as in a no-fault eviction for a landlord reclaiming their property, you may be able to ask them or the letting agency for a reference. You can explain to them that this will help you find alternative accommodation more easily, which may mean you move out sooner than expected or demanded.

This way, you can make sure any future landlords or letting agents can refer back to the confirmation given by a prior service, and take you on more quickly. The housing market is becoming more and more interested in taking on validated tenants, especially now that no-fault evictions and other Housing Act changes are coming into law. Having this on your side can be beneficial, and all you need to do is ask. 

Make A Schedule

All of these aforementioned moving parts can feel chaotic. That’s why you need to put together a schedule that helps you plan each deadline effort and benefit as a result. Booking in viewings for properties will be a first focus, which means you need to keep track of them. Have certain goals, such as the date you’ll pack up by, or the date by which you’ll contact a charity if no other living arrangements are found. This can help you relax in your schedule and keep up a series of tasks to focus on each day.

With this advice, you’ll be sure to handle that eviction notice with dignity, and move onto better things.


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