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Lucy, 22, originally from Haywards Heath, just moved back to Brighton after university in Exeter but before that, had lived here since she was about sevenish.

When did you start to play music? What were your influences?

“I started gigging professionally when I was about 15 but have been playing music since those painful childhood performances that we’re all thankful Youtube wasn’t around for.”


Who were your inspirations?

“When I started singing with the National Youth Jazz Orchestra (NYJO) they introduced me to Ella Fitzgerald; I had her and Louis Armstrong’s duets on loop for about a month, till I found my new love, Ray Charles, and from then on I started listening to all the classic jazzers and soul singers.”

What are the different obstacles you’ve faced in order to be where you are today with your music?

“I think my main challenge has been to trust myself and have confidence in what I create. I have always feared the judgement of the muso community, but honestly I’ve found that mostly everyone’s actually really supportive if you put yourself out there.”

What style/genre of music do you play?

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“I play mostly jazz, soul, funk, but really I’ve played a bit of everything over the years.”

What are your completed music related projects? Any future projects in the making people should look out for?

“I’m about to get some new recordings done and have some new projects on the burner so watch this space!”

Where can we find your music?

You can find my music on my SoundCloud.


What would your ultimate career be?

“I want to be the Ashrita Furman of the music industry. I like a challenge.”

What message/s do you hope to portray through your music?

“I hope that people enjoy it! I try to keep it light and witty if I can, but of course a couple of break up songs sometimes sneak there way in.”

Has it been difficult making time to pursue your musical career whilst successfully sustaining the income you need to maintain a comfortable lifestyle?

“I think that the work really is out there if you want it, and you can definitely make a good living as a musician, the difficultly is finding the time to initially get good recordings and the publicity out there. That’s what I’m really pushing towards now as it was difficult to find the time whilst studying law. Also I teach, as many musicians do, and will dep in for gigs if I have an evening free so this creates a nice steady income.”


What has been your biggest achievement yet?

“My biggest achievement so far was a gig I did in Exeter where it was a massive venue and I completely let go and the sound technicians were on point. I had a great time dancing, the audience had a great time dancing, and it was just the best night.”

What other extra curricular activities do you enjoy?

“I’m really into learning languages, and salsa dancing, and I am constantly on the hunt for ‘my sport’ so I do a lot of exercise but the genre lacks consistency…”

Do you plan on staying in Brighton?

“Yes. Mostly. But I love to travel, it’s one of the reasons I find music so fantastic, you can work all over the world.”

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