‘Matrix’ Alternative Chris Stonor – Brightonian New Years Special

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Chris Stonor is one of those people that just does it all, from running a business to writing and creating music. In his own words he gravitates around Hove like a moth to a light and and describes him self as a ‘Matrix’ alternative.
What is it that you do? I have eclectic business and creative interests but one which I’ve been true to all my adult life is journalism. This area gives me the greatest fulfilment. At present, I specialise in cricket although write and have written about many other aspects of life.
What inspired you to do what you do? I enjoy meeting people and learning about their lives. I love being on the cutting edge of life whether it be via innovation, futurism, alternative ideas or the expansion of human consciousness. Journalism is a perfect tool to learn about such amazing ‘stuff’.
What can you tell us about your self? I consider myself to be a ‘Matrix’ alternative. Please use your own interpretation for this comment. An ‘inner explorer’ is perhaps one. I have a variety of interests including music (I am a keyboard player/composer). I’ve written and produced various music albums over the years from rock to ambient/relaxation. These albums have sold and still sell around the world. I also deal in and collect vintage memorabilia and have interests in the Stock Market.
Have you always lived in Brighton? I have always gravitated around Hove ‘actually’. Like a moth to a light you can’t keep me away! As a child and adolescent I was raised in a village 8 miles from Brighton. I then lived in Winchester, London and the local village of Fulking before returning to the City.
How do you like Brighton and what do you like about it? The city represents the different shades of life I enjoy. It is bohemian, alternative, quirky, unusual and cutting edge.
How do you celebrate New Years? We go to a friend’s house, share a meal and open the bubbly with others. We watch BBC2 and Jools Holland’s ‘Hootenanny’ and see the New Year in that way. My stepson creates the show’s stage lighting. This year I am looking forward to watching Paul Weller and Jeff Beck.
Have you made a New Year’s resolution? I create new dreams but not resolutions. Otherwise, it’s just another excuse for failure!
What is it? One dream is to finish and publish a book I am presently writing.
Did you make one last year? Yes. I wanted to investigate alternative healing further.
Did you keep it? Yes. I met an incredible and amazing psychic surgeon. While one primary dream was achieved another one, the gym, is now a distant memory along with the diet… again!
What is the highlight/s of 2015 to you? First, so many cricketing highlights. Where does one start? Interviewing my boyhood hero, former England and Sussex Captain Ted Dexter. And no, I wasn’t disappointed when meeting him, for they say ‘never meet your heroes’. At 80 Dexter has the vibrancy of a 60 year-old and his maverick twinkle is still as bright. The feature was published in ‘The Cricketer Magazine’ a month ago.
Communicating with Kevin Pietersen and Piers Morgan; interviewing former England  and Surrey Captain Adam Hollioake; chatting to former Australian spinner Shane Warne and being suffocated by his heavy smoking (Marlborough is his nicotine of choice); interviewing the delightful former England and Sussex cricketer Hubert Doggart at his 90th birthday luncheon; not forgetting former Sussex CCC captain Chris Adams (another interview published in ‘The Cricketer Magazine’); The cricket forum website set up with a colleague for Sussex CCC supporters achieved one million page views after 16 months.
Others include interviewing Phil Tufnell and actor Chris Ellison about their art; chatting to legendary TV auctioneer Charlie Ross and gaining an autographed selfie; meeting some of the colourful Brighton antique dealers for an ‘etc Magazine’ feature. The joyful list is endless.
What would you really like to see happen in 2016? On a personal note: I would love to get a cricket writing gig for a national newspaper; my ‘Wicked Cricket’ blog, affiliated to the ‘Unofficial Sussex CCC Forum’, to double its present monthly 4,000+ page views. And being self employed I am always looking for new and exciting business opportunities.
On the global front, one hopes for world stability.
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