My Top Booktuber Recommendations

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Booktube is a huge online community of both readers and writers who share all their thoughts on everything bookish. If you’re looking for some recommendations for a particular genre or perhaps a review on a book you’re considering buying, booktube is the place to go. But with such a saturated platform it can be hard sometimes to pick out those who you are right for you. Here are some of my own recommendations of booktubers who focus on genres from romance and fantasy to crime and thriller. 

My first mention has to be Hannah from A Clockwork Reader, she was one of the first content creators I came across when I started to get involved in the community. Her videos are based around a wide range of genres but she tends to focus on fantasy. I bought so many of the books she recommended and some have ended up being my all time favourites. Make sure you follow her If not for her insta worthy bookcases then for her humble and relatable content.

My next pick is Books with Chloe. Chloe is a fantastic choice if you’re a fantasy reader. Her Harry Potter Readathons are a great way to get involved within the community, she is also a big fan of Graphic Novels and Manga if you’re looking for some recommendations from that genre. I love her vibe and find myself being introduced to books I wouldn’t normally go for. Her halloween themed content is also amongst my most watched.

One of my favourites is Emma from Drinking by my Shelf. Emma’s channel includes a lot of thriller and crime based content, I have found most of my highest rated thrillers from her. Her Thrillerathon series and reading vlogs are amongst my favourites. Overall I absolutely love Emmas attitude, whilst she works extremely hard on her videos she takes a more relaxed approach when filming which I find really comforting after a long day. You definitely come out of it feeling as if you’ve spent the evening discussing your favourite and not so favourite reads.

Hailey in Bookland is not only an avid reader but she is also releasing her very first book. Not only is Hailey overall very humble but her videos are the ultimate comfort watch. Whether it’s her book tours and organisational videos or her TBR lists I’m always finding myself coming back to her channel. Her content is very wide and focuses on lots of genres from romance, fantasy and even the classics so if you’re looking for a booktuber who can recommend a wide range of books then Hailey is a great choice. 

Simone from Chasing pages is relativity new to the booktube community but I love her content all the same. As a Harry Potter fan myself what really drew me in was her series where she read it for the first time, as well as her video on reading the books she wrote as a child. I find her content to be really freshening as it is quite different amongst a sea of the same kind of videos. If you’re someone one may be a bit tired of the same TBR’s or book hauls then I highly recommend Simone.

Riley Marie is my absolute favourite romance booktuber. Although her channel also includes other genres, it is her romance recs that I constantly look for. Well Met by Jen Deluca as well as The Simple Wild by K. A. Tucker are some of my go to romances and both were bought to my attention by Riley. I would also suggest looking at her spookathon series she does every year for some thriller reads. She’s really fun and friendly so if you’re in need of a light hearted watch she’s definitely the booktuber for you.

Another cosy reader is Alexandra Roselyn, not only am I obsessed with her reading vlogs but she is actually a huge fan of middle grade books so If you’re also into that kind of thing or perhaps you’re on the hunt for some great reads for your kids then I highly recommend Alexandra. She is another really friendly booktuber who has the ultimate comfort vibes, I always go over to her channel come autumn and winter because I know she’ll have the best content.

If you want some suggestions for book related subscription boxes then Jodie from Vanilla Moon is the one to watch. She is pretty new to the booktube community so make sure you show your support! I rate her opinion highly and have always gone to her when looking for a new bookish subscription. She also documented her trip to Comic Con which was a really fun watch.

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