Pandemic And Mental Health: An Under-Discussed Condition Of Lockdown And Covid-19  

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The lockdown conditions have been crucial for containing the effect of Covid-19 on our physical health saving many lives, however the effect of mental health is an often-underappreciated side effect.


With medical provision stretched so far and the vast reduction of local available services, specifically when considering the now lack of face-to-face services nationwide there is not the same level of care and support for people both previously suffering and for those millions who have lost so much due to the national condition.


Job losses, isolation, sickness and death of family members are just some of the very many incidents that have occurred in what has become a normal part of life with no possibility to seek comfort in loved ones who also are told to stay in their own homes and provide zero contact.


Mental health also isn’t something that disappears without intervention, with psychological conditions accounting for almost a quarter of total burden for ill health in the UK.


Poor mental health is exacerbated by social and economic circumstances such as poverty, work and disasters have always strongly linked to increases in cases.


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This clearly suggests the significant impact on the national mental faculty through increased negative response to stress concerns following Covid-19.


In fact, almost 70% of the UK adult population has been affected by at least some significant worries about wellbeing and their future prospects, noting that IFS analysis showed an 8.1% increase in the severity of conditions with women and young adults hit the hardest.


Coincidentally these levels were seen to lift in subsequent covid studies as lockdown measures were eased and people were once again allowed further freedoms.


Long term implications are also of crucial consideration, as physical health is damaged by mental health and further affects the ability to lead positive and fulfilling lives. The inequality of such outbreaks can cause a storage of such problems to the point whereby the time the country recovers there will be many years of recovery from conditions now stemming from pandemic based struggles.


This will only affect the future prosperity for both self and a recovering economic environment and there is no real solution to this other than for there to be more freedoms and a more serviceable mental health presence, and neither is currently possible considering the current issues experienced.


The only real way forward is to try and gain parity for mental health services and make them as important as physical services, with provisions to do some form of face-to-face appointments and even offer exemptions in cases where being in isolation may cause nothing more than further distress.


Photo Credit: Anthony Tran

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