Dog walkers fear for safety at the Level

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The dog walkers of Brighton have started a petition named “Save Our Level” in a bid to urge the council for greater protection from unruly and aggressive dogs in the park.

The attacks are reportedly from the same dogs, owned by a group who frequently spend time in the park. The attacks have been reported to the dog warden and the police but residents feel as though not enough is being done to resolve this issue.

Bev Bishop started the online petition in order to get the attention of Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas. She voiced her concerns on the petition site, stating: 

“We feel it is no longer safe to take our dogs there for fear of attack, and nothing is being done about it. It is not fair that a few irresponsible dog owners are preventing the many from enjoying a public place.”

Hanover resident Emily Summers shares the same concerns, stating that this issue has been on-going for the past 5 years. She describes the issue as a huge problem that is in desperate need of resolution before a child or person is attacked.

If you are interested in signing the petition, you can find it here.

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  1. Something urgently needs to be done about irresponsible dog ownership. Companion dogs are being seriously injured/killed daily. mIt shouldn’t require a petition to get change.


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