Pro-Palestine activists to target voters with Hove Town Hall protest

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Pro-Palestine campaigners will protest to urge people to vote for candidates who support a permanent Gaza ceasefire in the upcoming general election.

Members of Stop the War Brighton and Hove (STWBH) will demonstrate outside Hove Town Hall tomorrow and submit petitions to Hove Labour candidate Peter Kyle’s office.

The petitions have over 3000 signatures and include asking MPs to agree to stop arming Israel and to ask for an immediate permanent Gaza ceasefire.

Stop the War Brighton and Hove believes calls for a pause in fighting by politicians are not enough. (Image: Stop the War Brighton and Hove)

Maggie Clifford, STWBH member, said: “There needs to be a ceasefire now. That needs to be a priority. Every day, there are reports of children killed. Only yesterday, Save the Children estimated that 17,000–18,000 are dead.

“They also estimated that another 20,000 children could be under rubble or missing. Nobody knows where they are or who they are with. It’s just appalling. It just takes your breath away.”

STWBH claim that Peter Kyle voted for a ceasefire in February this year but has abstained from most Palestine issues in recent years.

Miss Clifford said: “It’s frustrating for us because Peter Kyle is our MP, and we don’t feel listened to or taken seriously.

“I met with him briefly on Sunday, and he said how busy he was and that there were a lot of social issues he was helping people with. That’s good if he’s helping those in need, but Palestine can be a priority. It is for a lot of people.

“I don’t see how you can ignore the issue of Palestine. Peter Kyle will tell people on the doorstep that he wants a ceasefire. But it’s far more nuanced than what he’s done regarding the Israel-Gaza war.”

Mr Kyle said: “The Labour Party has been quite clear for some time now. Let me try to stress this one more time. The fighting must stop now. I want to convene an urgent session of the UN Security Council to press this demand.

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“All sides must comply with a ceasefire. The Rafah offensive should not have taken place and aid must reach those in need.

“Hamas must release and return all hostages. The families of the remaining hostages are frozen in uncertainty and anguish and their continued detention is prolonging this war. They should be released and returned immediately.

“Israel must comply with the International Court of Justice ruling. As Labour has made clear, the binding provisional measures issued by the court must be implemented in full.

“Settlement expansion and settler violence must end. Settlements are illegal under international law and a serious barrier to peace that threatens the viability of a two-state solution. Settler violence has reached dangerous new levels since October 7th.”


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