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Brighton Journal | 30th May 2020

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Review of Guy Lloyd’s one-man show “Radio Blah Blah”

Review of Guy Lloyd’s one-man show “Radio Blah Blah”
Hannah Midgley


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To finish the Fringe with something truly Brighton, we headed to local celebrity Guy Lloyd’s one-man show at The Warren, for the second of his sell-out Fringe shows.

“Radio Blah Blah” follows Guy’s journey from a baby to Brighton’s best-loved radio presenter. It explores the highs and lows of 13 years on Juice FM, his performance on X-factor as Vince Venus, and ends with a group sing-along.

This intimate show served well as a heartfelt farewell to local radio station Juice, which was shut down after a buy-out by Global. It was also a hilarious exploration of Guy’s life in radio and provided a conclusive end to our experience of this year’s Fringe.

The show was filled with all of Guy’s favourite things, his hair, comedy, celebrities, and an acknowledgment the narcissism that comes with being well-known. To a viewer who didn’t already know Guy, or Juice FM, the show could have been perceived as overly egotistical, but he carefully acknowledged this and was able to continuously bring himself back down to reality with jabs of self-deprecating humour.

It was through the curation of this constant balancing act that Guy was able to excel in engaging with the audience. Those that didn’t already know him were able to laugh with him, and those that did know him were able to laugh at him, all joining in with the humour of not taking oneself too seriously.

The shared sense of the joy about being nonchalant and having a good laugh about life was highlighted in Guy’s retelling of his performance as alter-ego, gold-catsuit wearing Vince Venus, on the X-factor, who was buzzed off faster than any previous contestant.

Whilst weaving in these anecdotes alongside an exploration of his personality and personal journey, Guy’s performance primarily focused on his experience as a local radio presenter. The show ran through his first days at Juice, the pranks he pulled and the people he met on the way, and portrayed his delight in local people and local news through the sharing of stories such as the time he did Reiki on a mentally disturbed parrot live on air.

His show gave the audience a very humorous portrayal of the highs and lows of a local radio DJ and created a space where the audience could share the importance of a community spirit, which was made especially tangible by the fact that many of his colleagues from Juice were in the audience.

This was an open, warts-and-all story of Guy’s journey through the Brighton local radio scene. An exploration of loss and grief, and of love and laughs from an assured entertainer very much at home in front of an audience. The show ended with a group-sing-along to “We Are The Champions”, which created a buzz of excitement as the audience closed the door on Brighton Fringe 2019, and celebrated a proper farewell to Juice FM. A hilarious one-man show that revels in the joy of doing what you love.

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