Brighton’s Rough Sleepers Receive Financial Boost of Nearly Half a Million

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The financial boost is a necessity as homelessness consistently rises.

A crucial funding boost has been given to homelessness services in Brighton.

In the financial year of 2018-19, the city council will receive an extra £495,107.

The money was awarded by the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government.

The city is one of the major sites of homelessness in the country.

A study in 2016 revealed that Brighton and Hove has the worst levels of homelessness outside of London.

1 in 69 people were homeless at the time the research was conducted.

This showcases the desperate need for additional finances to help deal with this issue.

The funding will go towards a range of new improvements.

These will include:

  • A 17-bed hub service, with an outreach service, to aid those looking for accommodation
  • An expansion from 15 to 25 beds at the winter night shelter
  • Improvements in the psychological support services tailored for those with greater needs
  • Accommodation expanded for those with less complex needs
  • An expansion of the rough sleeper outreach team

Councillor Clare Moonan, lead member for rough sleeping, is optimistic about the battle against homelessness.

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She has stated that the changes will be swift and effective: “A lot of thought and planning went into our bid, so we will be hitting the ground running on this.”

Moonan also has made clear her want to deal with the issues with finality: “Our focus isn’t just on getting them off the streets – it’s also on making sure they get the services they need to sustain their lives off the streets and not relapse into rough sleeping.”

Homelessness is perpetually on the rise.

When the Conservatives came into power in 2010, the number of homeless people in England sat at 1768.

However, in 2017 it hit 4751, and if the current trends continue is set to break the 5000 mark in 2018.



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