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Brighton Journal | 26th May 2020

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Mastering Comfortable but Cool Look – Brighton Street Style

Mastering Comfortable but Cool Look – Brighton Street Style
Hannah Midgley
  • On 13th January 2016

Today’s street style edit is dedicated to those that have achieved the ‘Comfortable but Cool‘ look. Comfort is very important when it comes to clothing choices, with clothing comfort being renowned in the assistance of making or breaking someone’s day. Usually when imagining ‘comfortable’ clothes we tend to think of dowdy or drab clothing that is often very unflattering. Fear not, as this definitely does not have to be the case. Therefore, we have been out on the streets of Brighton on the hunt for those wearing comfortable clothing but with a fashionable flair. Thank you Brighton for not letting us down!

DSC_0525Zak is looking very dapper in his brand new jacket. Zak bought this jacket today after discovering that olive is going to be a key fashion trend in 2016. He bought his jacket from Dirty Harry where he works and guiltily admitted that he also spends most of his money there. Zak is wearing a pair of Vans representing his fashion taste which is inspired by the grunge and skater scene. You’ll often find Zak having a skate off at the Level.

DSC_0536Ben likes his clothing style to be a symbol of his laid back personality. As a fan of the simple look  Ben often ops for plain colours when shopping for clothes. His favourite item of clothing are jeans due to their versatility and Ben has confessed that he usually wears a pair of jeans every day. As a BIMM graduate and musician, Ben’s fashion taste is also influenced by music, particularly the 60’s era. To get a pair of jeans similar to Ben’s try a local vintage shop, or a high street shop such as Urban Outfitters.

DSC_0552Ben and Zak are two fashionable friends who struck a friendship due to being work neighbours.
DSC_0561Amanda is looking fantastic in her autumn rust colour coordinated outfit. Amanda likes vintage clothing, however she also gets a lot of her fashion inspiration from ‘people-watching’ and seeing how other people put their clothes together. She likes to shop in a variety of places and says that her fashion taste is a mixture of high street and vintage. Both Amanda’s top and jeans are from Topshop, her scarf is from H&M and her coat is from a small charity shop in Sweden.

DSC_0574Amanda also has a twin sister called Malvina. Similarily to Amanda, Malvina’s style also incorporates both high street fashion and vintage clothing. However Malvina has admitted that she also enjoys borrowing clothes from her family. The grey top that Malvina is wearing belongs to their other sister and the orange cardigan belongs to their mum. Fashion taste clearly runs in the family! Amanda and Malvina stood out to us because of their vintage Doc Martens which are both from Beyond Retro.

DSC_0613Katie is a fashion student at  the University of Brighton and gets a lot of her clothing inspirations from studying on her course. Katie’s trousers are from GAP as she works there but she also enjoys sourcing her clothing from charity shops as second hand clothes are often cheaper than high street clothing. She usually spends around £20 on a piece of clothing but will occasionally splurge when she’s in the mood. Her jacket and shirt cost £4 each from a charity shop in Romsey – what great finds Katie! Katie had to take up and sew the sleeves of her shirt smaller to fit her, but it was definitely worth the effort in our opinion.

DSC_0619Jennifer caught our eye due to her uniquely fabulous fashion sense. Jennifer admits that her fashion influences literally can come from anywhere, however she particularly admires singer Rihanna’s style. Jennifer also gets fashion ideas from Instagram and magazines such as ‘Dazed and Confused’. She is a vintage clothing enthusiast and bought her fur coat from Dirty Harry in the North Laines. Her polo neck jumper is from Marks and Spencers and only cost Jennifer £5 and her grey flatforms were bought on sale from TK Maxx. Jennifer sure is gifted when it comes to having an eye for those bargains!

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