Sussex Teen Dies Following Fall From Speedboat at Greek Island

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The sun and sea are beautiful antidotes to the general mundane nature of everyday life. However, a tragic incident occurred during a family’s holiday at an idyllic Mediterranean spot.

Paxos is a Greek island fairly unspoiled by tourism due to its lack of an airport, and is known for its vast amount of olive groves. However, the serene location was the site for a tragedy, The Times has reported.

A 15-year-old fell off of a speedboat near the islands port town Gaios. There had been rough seas at the time, causing Finnett to fall from the boat. At the teenager fell into the water he was suddenly, and fatally, caught in the boats propeller blades. Despite bringing him to a local hospital, it proved too late.

The boat was being driven by the boys father, Paul Finnett, who is an oil executive who works for Aon. He hails from Littlehampton in West Sussex. He lives in Houston, Texas now though.

The family are being given support by the Foreign Office following this heartbreaking incident. A Foreign Office spokeswoman gave a message of support to the family: “Foreign Office staff are supporting the family of a British child following his death in Paxos, and are in contact with the Greek police about the incident.”

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