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Brighton Journal | 29th May 2020

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Rob Auton’s The Time Show Review

8th April 2020 |

On Sunday 15th March, Rob Auton performed his newest show, The Time Show, at The Old Market. As we are in unprecedented times, I was unsure if I’d be the only one to show up. However, Rob managed to fill … Read More

Holiday On Ice Returns!

4th August 2017 |

Holiday On Ice will be returning to Brighton in January 2018 at The Brighton Centre.

Tickets for the show which has been running for over 73 years go on sale today! They are bringing a new production to the stage … Read More

It Sucks That People Need To Take Breaks From The Internet

20th July 2017 |

It has dawned on me recently how much our lives are intertwined with technology and our phones and the internet. My phone broke a few weeks ago and I panicked cancelled my whole day and headed straight to the apple … Read More

Brighton Beach To Become Set of New Interactive Play

31st March 2016 | 1

A daring new play entitled Once Upon A Time On Something Street is due to turn Brighton Beach’s Madeira Drive into an interactive set with a story that unfolds through different time periods.

The play from Whizz Bang Productions will … Read More