The Perefct Halloween Treats

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This time of the year for many is a time to enjoy some brisk scenic walks, indulge in pumpkin soup and pick out your favourite autumn wardrobe to match the autumn weather before the wintry months start to welcome their way through.

One of the most notable and fun events that takes place in October is of course, Halloween. Halloween is the one night a year children and adults get ready to create some spooky and creative fun whilst living in a land of sweets. With the recent events making things dramatically different this year, this doesn’t mean you can not still enjoy your own private Halloween festivities. I have designed and created a list of some unique, creative, family fun and spooky Halloween ideas to get you prepared to be in the Halloween spirit.

Make a Halloween Gingerbread House

Try your hand in creating a spooky haunted gingerbread house ideal for show before you later indulge in gingerbread heaven. You can have lots of fun with the children or with your partner creating the spookiest gingerbread house and you don’t even have to be an artist to create it, in fact the more wonky the better as it will add to the whole affect. If you have the time and love to bake then you can bake a wonderful house from scratch but this can take a day to create or alternately there will be bakery’s for you to purchase an incredible and tasty gingerbread design.

The Pumpkin Spice Late

When you think of Halloween one of the first thoughts that will pop into your mind will be a pumpkin and if you are a coffee lover why not create your very own pumpkin spice late perfect to get you in the festive mood or even to create the perfect Halloween picture for you or for your social media.


2 cups of milk

2 tablespoons of pumpkin puree

Depending on your sweet taste between 1- 3 tablespoons of white sugar

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1 tablespoon vanilla extract

½ teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

½ cup of hot strong coffee

Whipped cream for serving

Alternatively if time is of the essence then make your way to Starbucks where their seasonal Pumpkin Spice Late will be on the menu from September in the UK as it is

each year a festive favourite among coffee lovers.

Visit a pumpkin patch

There is no denying that the UK is following in the footsteps of America with their extravagant festive deigns with Halloween slowly becoming bigger and greater each year. One of the most fun family favourites at Halloween is caving a pumpkin or several especially if you have a pumpkin completion with family members. But along with the creative side it’s also fun, enjoyable and the ideal family outing to make your way to a pumpkin patch for you to pick your pumpkin of choice. Across the UK there will be various places for you to be able to visit if you search online you will be able to find the nearest and most suitable place convenient for you.

Create a Candy Wreath

This idea is not only fun for all of the family but it is a unique idea to set you apart from everybody else. In light of the new restrictions in place this is the perfect way to showcase your sweet design. You will need to participate as adults to help create this masterpiece as you will need a glue gun to piece your design together and to finish you can add a spooky element or ribbon to finish your work of art.

Set a Ghostly Dinner Table

If on Halloween you like to push the boundaries and create the full effect and setting the scene for all occasions, this design is sure to get you in the Halloween spirit. Making cuttings of ghost figures, pumpkins and any other spooky designs that you can think by using paper cuttings or if you want to keep up the tradition each year you can make actual DIY cuttings and save them for the following years.

Bake some sinful Halloween cupcakes

Halloween is defiantly one night a year you can indulge in as many sweets as you can and wish to so why not try you’re had at baking some scary cupcakes to add to your sweet craving. Together as a family you can create either from scratch or there are pre-prepared cake packages you can buy from any supermarket to enjoy some of your hand created tasty Halloween cupcakes.

Bake a Pumpkin Cheesecake

Cheesecake of any kind is popular favourite desert for many people around the world and is one of the simplest and easiest deserts to make but why not your own Halloween cheesecake or you can even make a pumpkin cheesecake cake if a cheesecake is not one of your favourites. If you wish to make your own there are many recipes online to try and are simply amazing. One of my favourite websites with lots of creative ideas is it will defiantly get your sweet- tooth ready.

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