“There Really Is No Need To Harm The Environment Or Ourselves With Harsh, Synthetic Ingredients”


Corinne Taylor, 28 from Chester moved to Manchester to study when she was 19 and stayed there for 8 years. Recently relocated to Brighton with her partner Dan, she is now living in the village of Ovingdean, just on the edge of the South Downs. “It is perfect for us here, so peaceful and in the heart of nature, yet just a stones throw from the centre of Brighton.”

Why did you move to Brighton?

“I have family from Brighton, so have been coming down here from a young age. After spending a couple of summers here recently with Dan – who also has friends in Brighton, we didn’t want to leave!”

How would you describe your business?

“We design and hand make organic, vegan and eco-friendly Aromatherapy products, from our workshop in Ovingdean. I also work as a Holistic Therapist practicing various treatments such as Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Reiki from my home treatment room.”

Bath Salts

How did you build your business?

“When I began to study Aromatherapy and started my first job as a therapist, I was fascinated to learn about the many benefits and healing properties of essential oils – I was also blown away by their beautiful natural aromas! I started making products for myself to use at home like bath salts and body butters and then went on to make gifts for friends and family.

“One weekend Dan and I were visiting London and stumbled across a busy market stall in Brick Lane which gave us the idea to make our own products to complement my therapy treatments. Over the next few months we worked tirelessly to develop our initial range of products. Dan has experience in both graphic design and branding so was able to take care of that side of things, whilst I created and perfected the product formulations.

“Whilst getting ready for our move to Brighton, we spent time learning the ropes – We did a stall every weekend at Altrincham Market, opened our Etsy store and set up our website and various social media platforms.

“When we moved to Brighton we could really flourish. I started my own therapy practice at home and we began selling at regular craft fairs in and around Brighton. We then approached Infinity Foods who began to stock our products and have since gained more local stockists.”

Soy Aromatherapy Candle Collection

What were your influences are who are your inspirations?

“My main inspiration has come from working as an Aromatherapist and my knowledge of essential oils and natural ingredients. I also love nature and feel passionately about organic and sustainable living.”

Where would you like to see yourself taking your business?

“I would love to see our products in some major department stores around the UK. We have been invited to attend a trade show in London this year which we are really excited about and hoping to gain some new stockists. It would also be great to one day open our own shop in Brighton.”

What makes you passionate about your business?

“My passion comes from working with natural ingredients and seeing the benefits they provide for both our general wellbeing and the environment. I also love being my own boss, being creative and doing something different, with new challenges and lessons every day!”

UPLIFT Himalayan Salt Scrub with organic Coconut + Hemp Oils and Tangerine, Spearmint, Lemongrass + Peppermint essential oils. Vegan.

Where do you sell?

“You can buy online from us directly at www.corinnetaylor.co.uk and our Etsy store. We also have a number of stockists in and around Brighton, including Infinity Foods, Merlin & Ellis in Kemptown and Wick Candle Boutique in Hove. We also attend several events every year, our next one is VegFest at the Brighton Centre in early March.”

Have you got any other hobbies?

“I enjoy yoga and meditation and go to weekly classes in Brighton as well as practicing at home. I also love hula hooping, although i’m a bit out of practice at the moment as I am always so busy! I enjoy films and music too and love a good dance.”

If you could be an animal, which would you be?

“Probably a bird, it would be great to fly away from the madness every once in a while! As much as I love it, running a business can be pretty crazy at times!”

What effect would you like your work to have on the world?

“I would love to play a part in educating people on the power of natural ingredients. To have a product that both smells great and is effective, there really is no need to harm the environment or ourselves with harsh, synthetic ingredients.”

Nourish Organic Body Butter

What makes you happy?

“Sunshine, dancing and making products!”

Share one of your biggest achievements.

“I think getting our products into Infinity Foods at such an early stage in the business is definitely up there. We have admired them for years and love their ethos and everything they stand for. We were over the moon to get our products in there and for them to be as popular as they are.”

“There also is a strong emphasis on supporting local businesses and sustainable living in Brighton – two things that are extremely important to us.”

What would be your inspiring message to humanity?

“I love this quote from John Lennon – ‘When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.'”

Anything more that you might have planned for the future?

“We are celebrating our third Birthday this month and are currently offering 20% off all products on our website!”





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