This Make-Up Artist Has Changed the Make-Up Game

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There is no doubt that make-up is definitely an art, but LA based make-up artist and hair stylish Vlada Haggerty has seriously raised the make-up game. Boasting an incredible 136K followers on Instagram, the make-up artist has become renowned for her incredible work with lips and eyes, it’s basically art disguised as make-up. She’s putting everyone to shame.

Not much is known about the artist, though she hit the headlines last year when she was involved in a copyright controversy with the one and only Kylie Jenner. You may remember an article by Bjournal about the youngest Jenner’s lip range last year. The line sold out in mere minutes, the website crashing as fans tried to get their hands on the products. However, she faced serious backlash not a month later for appropriating Haggerty’s work.

The Lip Kit By Kylie Instagram page shared a photo of metallic rose gold lips, similar to Jenner’s brand logo. At first, many thought this was a hint at a new lip colour, but Haggerty was quick to point out that the image was actually hers. Kylie then edited the caption of the photo to credit Vlada, but then deleted the post altogether. Bit of a shady move on Jenner’s part don’t you think?

Vlada Haggerty creates art that is borderline genius, her use of colour and texture as well as her intricate artwork has us at Bjournal completely green with envy. We absolutely love her and think she deserves every bit of credit for her amazing work. You can check out some of our favourites below.

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All images belong to Vlada Haggerty


Holly Martin

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