Stepping Away From the Grunge Look – Brighton Street Style

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Brighton is a city well-known for its host of diverse, quirky individuals with this ideal overtly reflected within the Brighton fashion scene. The Brighton fashion scene is often associated and linked with themes such as grunge and the edgy alternatives, however these particular tastes do not apply to everyone. Therefore today’s street fashion edit is taking a step away from the traditional and stereotypical grunge look and instead focussing more so on key items that individuals use to express their inner style.


Joe is donning the smart and sophisticated look. Although Joe does not work within the fashion sector, he loves fashion and gains his fashion influences from magazines such as Esquire. He is a fan of the seasonal feature ´The Big Black Book´ which is released quarterly in Esquire and covers men’s smart fashion. Joe also admires how music taste can influence style but when it comes to putting an outfit together he likes the well dressed look. Due to Joe´s eclectic tastes he finds Brighton very helpful for outfit inspiration as it is filled with such a great diversity of trendy individuals. Joe´s outfit today comes from a variety of shops; his desert boots are from Clarks costing £95, his jeans are from Nudie, his shirt is from Our Daily Edit and his coat is from Peggs and Son. The majority of Joe’s outfit comes from shops within Brighton, it´s nice to see someone shopping locally Joe!
emmaEmma caught our eye due to her unique smart but casual monochrome look. Emma is a full time student studying at the University of Brighton. She gets her fashion influences from the underground culture citing singers such as Rihanna and FKA Twigs as having a significant impact on her current fashion taste. Emma is also a fan of the pin up look. Her dress sense changes on daily basis, however today’s look in particular is a combination of vintage clothing and her work wardrobe. Emma’s coat is from a vintage shop in Brighton and cost her £50, however the price that she spends on clothing varies accordingly to the item. Absolutely loving those braids Emma!

DSC_0891Joe is looking very stylish whilst exploring the South Lanes. Originally from London, Joe moved to Brighton two months ago with his girlfriend as he fancied a change. Joe is a musician and so gets his fashion influences from the live music scene. Although Joe likes the grungy look he likes to mix this with a few key expensive items. His coat is from Burberry, his jeans are from All Saints and his boots are Doc Martens. We also like the fact that even though its -2 degrees outside, Joe is still rocking those Tom Ford sunglasses.

mitchellMitchell is brightening up the streets of Brighton in his colourful coat. Mitchell is a Masters student at the University of Sussex. He gets his fashion inspiration from people watching and street style fashion blogs. Although Mitchell’s style can be influenced by trends he still has an individual and core fashion taste that is devised from his own personality. As an advocate of high street shops, Urban Outfitters is one of Mitchell’s favourite shop. His tartan coat is from the Carrier Company and cost £130, his jeans are Cheap Monday from Urban Outfitters and his shoes are Doc Martens.

DSC_0881Alicia is adding a touch of glamour to her outfit through her red faux fur coat. Alicia comes from Spain and is visiting Brighton for a spot of shopping. She admits that she does not have a particular or favourite type of fashion style and as a result can literally get her clothes from anywhere. She does however have an eye for deals with her beautiful faux fur coat only costing her £5 in the sale from Blanco in Spain. For those of you that have never heard of Blanco, it is the sister brand of Zara and Berksha.

Kamilah McInnis


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