Top Tips For Students Moving Out Into Private Accommodation


Moving out is always difficult, but as a student you can sometimes be left with the most run down, mould-filled houses on the market. Especially here in Brighton, I am here to give you some tips you may not have thought about already. These are in no order of importance so here we go;

  • Shower Pressure – Ok great the shower has no mould, or if you’re lucky enough you even have a bath! But whats the water pressure like? You really don’t want to be left trying to shower under a drizzle.
  • Location – There is so much to think about here. What is in walking distance? Does much happen in your local community? Is there a shop you can walk to for milk and bread when you run out or snacks and medicine to cure those awful hangovers? Are there any cafes which you can work in when you’re sick of your room? What transport is nearby? Bus stops? Where do the buses go? Are there any night buses? Any gyms?
  • Size – You need to take measurements, you need to make sure your bed, and furniture can fit in the rooms. If it is furnished, is there enough storage for all your stuff? What will you need to provide?
  • Garden – Do you need an outside space for sanity? Or are you not bothered? Could you compromise for a nearby park or the beach?
  • Cost – Students are usually are on very tight budgets, make sure you know about all the upfront costs, such as; the first months rent, deposit, the holding fee. Luckily as a student you won’t need to worry about council tax.
  • Plug Sockets – Look for all the plug sockets. We have laptops and phones and all kinds of things we need to plug in, are there enough?

Most importantly you will get this feeling when you find the right place, it will feel like home, you’ll be able to picture yourself living there and it’ll just be right. Go with your gut and good luck!



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