Underworld – An Eternal Dance Prayer

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Four years ago Underworld produced their first fully fledged album in over half a decade, titled: Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future.

By Jovian Kicks

Underworld have been filling minds with eternal dance floor hymns and epochal anthems for decades. I came across the album in question whilst researching data journalism in the furnace that was my London flat, on the hottest day of the year. Already completely over the number-crunching numbing boredom, I soon found myself completely immersed in Low Burn, the third track on the album.

The track features one sentence incantations about love and liberation, laced over palmy chords and spasmodic reverbs. Coupled with an unbroken spritz of high-hats, the prognosis: a dazzling evocation of sobering, yet a sentimental experience.

The lyrics are a cyclic repetition of:

“time / first time / blush / be bold / be beautiful / free”

What is so moving about this piece of music is that it fractures the unsayable, the untouchable. It moves beyond the appreciation of the concrete, the aesthetic. Listening to Low Burn will undoubtably move even the most mulish of rocks.

The indefinability of the song is what makes it so compelling. The song encourages a personal quest that can be satisfied, an auditory experience that changes upon each hearing.

I wanted to write a few words on why the song is irresistible to me. On why it feels as though the song incessantly paces, changing form, grasping at time. Pacing in and around meaning, feelings of love and freedom. A metaphysical tale and prayer to dance music.

Underworld. Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future (2016).
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