Vegan Documentary: Land of Hope and Glory to be shown in Brighton

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Local vegan activist group The Animal Alliance are holding a viewing evening of graphic documentary ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ at the Caroline of Brunswick pub, in the hopes that non-vegans will be made more aware of the “hidden truth behind UK animal farming”.


The event is to be held on Wednesday 28th November at 19.30. Entry is free, but seats are available on a first come, first served basis.


Brighton not short of vegan eateries

The city is undoubtedly a vegan heaven for the plant-based foodie, with over 200 restaurants and cafe’s boasting an extensive cruelty-free menu. However, some believe that not enough is being done to make people aware of the devastating affects of the animal industry. It has been proven that nearly half of harmful gases released into the atmosphere are contributed by the unethical farming industry, driving many to make a change in the way they consume their food.


‘Land of Hope and Glory’ is an Animal Rights documentary, created by the animal rights organisation Surge. Activist group Surge strive to complete their mission: to end all animal oppression. The film, often highly graphic in its content, focuses on land animals and their typically inhumane treatment they suffer in order to provide for the meat, dairy and egg industries in the UK. The film features farms that are both RSPCA and Red Tractor approved, shedding light on the victims of the current, ‘legal’ standard of farming.


The Animal Alliance held the same event last year, where local vegan companies Purezza, and Loving Hut provided delicious cruelty-free eats for guests who attended the event to watch the documentary.


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Organisers have pledged that there will be “yummy vegan food” available to try after the viewing, as well as a Q&A session led by The Animal Alliance, where vegan curious guests can ask about the nature of the diet.


Featured image: Cherrie Mio Rhodes

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