What Can You Leave Your Home For?


Ever since the announcement of a new, more transmittable version of coronavirus spreading across the south, the whole country had been slowly moving back into tiers. Some think it is becoming more and more like a stasi state and the measures are way over the top , others are calling for harder lockdowns especially if you were to go by you gov’s latest survey however it is very rare that we come by these people in everyday life. Most people are of the thinling that the elderly and vulneralble should be shielded. 

Into our the third official lockdown, the media have been reporting the virus is reaching its worst case rate since the pandemic began and restrictions are tighter than they’ve ever been. Yet, as seen this past week In Leicestershire, not even the police truly understand what exactly should constitute a fair and legal reason for now leaving your home.

So, according to government guidelines, what are the permitted reasons for which you may now leave?


Leading by example this week with his cross London bike ride, Boris Johnson confirmed that you may continue to exercise outside alone or with your household or support bubble.

This is limited to one activity per day, with travel only allowed locally unless forming part of such exercise. Social Distancing is also to be maintained wherever possible.


You must work from home wherever possible, however when this is not possible you can leave in order to perform the role for which you are paid.

This generally refers to manual jobs such as construction, manufacturing and the maintenance of physical properties as they all require physical attendance that cannot be replicated remotely.

Education and Care

For parents of children and young adults, you can leave to pursue education, registered childcare facilities and supervised activities that are necessary. Due to the closure of schools, children may only attend if their parents are key workers with no suitable alternative arrangements.

If living apart, or in a childcare bubble then access for parents to their children and support in these circumstances remains legal.

Outside of these arrangements, only your support bubble may assist you further, with care also available to disabled, vulnerable people, in emergency situations and for support groups in numbers of under 15 people.

Essential Activities

Outside of these circumstances, the general population are only permitted to leave in cases of the purchase of essential items from shops and to obtain necessary services that are unable to be utilised from home. Non-essential shopping is closed, as is access to services that the government deems to be out of the scope of need.

Escaping life threatening situations such as domestic violence, the occurrence of crime and other circumstances that may put you at risk remains obviously legal.

Activities such as voluntary or charitable services are still allowed, however this should remain socially distanced wherever possible.

Communal Worship and Life Events

Communal and singular worship either as an individual, within a group or under the direction of a religious leader all remain legal, being one of the very few situations where groups are still permitted.

Funerals must not exceed a maximum number of 30 people in total attendance, and weddings will also be restricted further to just 6 guests allowed to be present at the ceremony.

In response to all these guidelines, the police have been informed that they should wield the power to provide heavy penalty fines to anyone in breach of regulations, or that they believe to be purposely subverting rules for their own personal gain. The current on the spot fine being issued remains at £200, however this may become greater if people continue to flout the rules put in place. More severe offences will result in higher fines as well as possible criminal records and prison time.


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