What to do if your partner doesn’t want to experiment in the bedroom

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Since humans have different personalities, it affects their disposition and how they want to experience some new habits. Some partners are open about learning new sexual skills, while others are not disposed to these bedroom activities due to several reasons.

For those who have rigid partners who aren’t disposed to trying new things in the bedroom, here are some things you can do to get them to your side.

Be Spontaneous

When you notice that your partner is not interested in experimenting in the bedroom, you can take them unawares. Many lovers might reject trying new sexual things of told ahead, but when they are in the mood and these things are introduced impromptu, they are likely to try them out.

Be clear about what you want 

Talk to your reluctant partner about what the benefits of experimenting in the bedroom will do to your relationship. Many people are scared of trying new things like cages and vibrators because they don’t understand them. Encourage them and tell them it won’t hurt and that everything will be fine. Tell them stories of people who have used it and how it has helped them.

Answer their concerns

Partners who don’t want to try some bedroom activities do so because of certain concerns. You need to answer those concerns and ask them what they are afraid of. 

Some have experienced negative experiences when they were younger and this might affect their disposition to try new things in the room. You need to ease their concerns about how using sex toys and chastity cages will make both of you happy.

Praise your lover

Everybody loves one form of praise or another. When your partner isn’t disposed to experiment in the bedroom, they just need some form of praise to get in line. Tell them that you love their sexual skills and how they make you happy. 

Remind them about all the good things they have done for you and how you appreciate them. When you praise people, they are likely to want to do more to impress you further. If you want your partner to perform BDSM and other unique sexual things with you, hype them.

Give them time to think about it

Sometimes many of us are in a hurry when trying to experiment with our partners in the bedroom. This can make some of the more reclusive and they might view it as if you want to force them. 

After advising and clearing their doubts about the things you want to do in the bedroom, give them space. By doing this, you are allowing them to think about it and make more informed decisions. They will be more open, they know that what they are doing is their choice and not forced on them.

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Tell them how important it is to you

If you are the adventurous type, but your partner is skeptical about experimenting in the bedroom, you will need to let them know how important it is to you. Open up on your sexual needs and how you need to try these things, this will open up the defence of your partner.

Drop hints

When you are disposed to trying new things in the bedroom but your partner isn’t interested, hinting about the idea could do the trick. Gently drop subtle hints that you might be interested in trying new things in the room if your partner is interested. Look at their reactions and learn to counter them. You could also buy magazines and porn posters that are suggestive.


Getting your partner to experiment with you in the bedroom might be complicated, but once you follow the above mentioned tips, they will come in line.

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