Which Types of Student Accommodations Are There in London?

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London is one of the most liked destinations in the world. Among the global cities, it is at second position after New York. For a long time, it stayed at the number one position and some agencies still keep it at the number one position. Moreover, it is also one of the top financial hubs in the world. It is needless to mention that it is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom.

So many titles acquired by London attract people from across the globe. Many people visit this fabulous city for travel purposes. Apart from the tourists, several career-oriented people come here to build a fantastic career. In addition, several international students from throughout the world also come to this city to acquire world-class education.

For students, who visit London, there are several great arrangements. This city also has some amazing accommodations for international students. Different types of accommodations are available in this city. Therefore, students have multiple options for accommodations. In both accommodation properties and units, there are different options available. Below, you will read about the major student accommodation London options available.

Types of Student Accommodation Properties

There are three types of student accommodation properties available in London for international students.

  • Student Housing Complexes
  • University Halls
  • Private Rental Apartments

Below, you will read the details of these accommodation properties.

Student Housing Complexes

Student housing complexes are the types of complexes that are specially meant for students. Private developers own and develop these types of complexes meant for student accommodation London. In these types of accommodations, there are different types of accommodation units available such as shared rooms, ensuite rooms, non-ensuite rooms, studios, and apartments.

Since these complexes are designed for students, many facilities for their studies, fun, fitness, etc. are available inside. Some examples include study tables & chairs, study rooms, Wi-Fi internet connections, gyms, cinemas, games rooms, etc.

University Halls

University halls are similar to student housing complexes, but they are owned and managed by the universities. In these halls also, you find all the units such as shared rooms, ensuite rooms, studios, and apartments. These halls also have facilities for students.

Private Rental Apartments

Private rental apartments are not usually meant for students but today several students are renting them. After seeing a huge inclination of international students for these apartments, some amenities are provided for them here also. Storage spaces and some other facilities can be found by students in these apartments.

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Types of Accommodation Units

There are five major types of accommodation units available in London:

  • Shared Rooms
  • Ensuite Rooms
  • Non-Ensuite Rooms
  • Studios
  • Apartments


Below, you can read concise information about these accommodation units.

Shared Rooms

Shared rooms are meant for those students who want to stay with roommates. One or more roommates can stay in one shared room. Shared rooms comprise shared bathrooms. Other areas such as the lounge and kitchen are also shared.

Ensuite Room

If you don’t want to share your room with anyone else then an ensuite room is the best option for you. Only one person occupies one ensuite room. Each room has an ensuite bathroom. Ensuite rooms are located in some flats. Kitchens and lounges are shared by all the residents in these flats.

Non-Ensuite Rooms

Non-ensuite rooms are identical to the ensuite rooms. One person stays in one room. But, unlike ensuite rooms, the non-ensuite rooms do not have ensuite bathrooms and the residents are required to use the shared bathrooms in the flat. Kitchens and lounges are shared by all the residents of the flat where a non-ensuite room is located.


Studios are the types of apartments where students get a large space containing a study area, living area, bed, and a kitchen or an open kitchen area. The studios come available with ensuite bathrooms. There are many studios in which only one occupant stays. But, there are some other studios with double-occupancy options where two residents can stay.


Apartments are houses with one or more bedrooms. One bedroom may be available for one or two students. Some bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms. On the other hand, residents have to use the shared bathrooms in the apartments in some others. Kitchens and lounges are the areas, which are communal for all the occupants of a student apartment.

Final Thoughts

Today, it is not difficult to find any of the above-mentioned properties or units due to the availability of online platforms. The best options are online student accommodation service platforms without any second thought.

On London’s page of these platforms, you can find the lists of accommodation properties in student housing complexes, university halls, and private rental apartment complexes. You can also see the accommodation units and the amenities available in these properties on such platforms.

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