Why keeping your mind and body fit and healthy during winter and a Pandemic is essential


For many of us PreCOVID 19, fitness and keeping up with a healthy lifestyle came into our daily routine naturally and without hesitation. However given many challenges that this year has brought to many of us has left some feeling slightly deflated and fatigued. But I can’t stress enough the importance now more then ever if you are able to is to maintain and carry forward a healthy lifestyle for not only your body but for your mental state too. By Nicola Wright

It is a known fact and many researchers have shown that when you exercise your body releases endorphins that make you feel happy and good within yourself that is why exercise is also highly recommended for individuals who are suffering any form of anxiety or very mild depression symptoms. Know matter what fitness activity you enjoy whether it is outdoor running or indoor yoga or aerobics classes going into the winter months and whilst we are still living in these unprecedented times it will help you breeze through winter and step in to the spring months feeling light and refreshed before you know it.

Searches have shown that if you conduct just 30 minutes of cardiology per day into your daily routine it will not only help you to maintain a healthy body image but it will also help clear your mind and make you feel more refreshed mentally.

Depending on what your aim is to achieve and how quickly you are wishing to achieve your aim for example if you are exercising to shed a few pounds fitness trainers will advise that morning workouts on an empty stomach is the best form of fitness to help lose weight. However having said that you can still maintain a healthy diet throughout the day and carry out your workout later on in the day when you have more free time and you will still be able to achieve your goal of a slimmer figure it just may take a little longer.

But many people will simply work out just to maintain their healthy mindset and body image light-heartedly but frequently which is the best way but understanding that no everyone is the same and some may have a higher fitness level then others.

With the festive period vastly coming upon us this is the time of year that many indulge in sweet treats and may eat foods that they do not necessarily eat throughout the year but diet comes hand in hand with fitness with actually 80% contribution from healthy foods within your diet and 20% from exercise, so the saying really is true “you are what you eat” but at Christmas we can have a few cheat days.

Having a balanced diet is very important and it also allows you to maintain a normal, healthy lifestyle. Eating within moderation little and often and not depriving yourself from “essential fats” that your body needs such as a chocolate bar or biscuits. Foods with additional sugars like various cereal brands sometimes as yummy as they taste are not doing your body any favours, so if you have the time maybe a replacement of porridge which contains less sugar content, a fresh smoothie or eggs and avocado as these foods will benefit you in many more ways and keep your energy levels higher as you carry out your day.

I know timing is an essential and is one of the most common factors to many individuals diet and mine included, sometimes you may think you just need something quick and easy to eat on the go and this again isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it all just depends on what you choose to eat on the go. As challenging as it can be at times trust me it is all worth the challenge when you feel amazing within yourself and you see the reward that you a have and are creating within your body.

For healthy food recipes & workout routines I have chosen to share one of my personal favourite fitness guru’s Pamela Reif. Pamela combines the perfect healthy, organic dishes along with her killer, speedy home workouts for all to enjoy and put you through your paces.

Have fun keeping happy & healthy.


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