World Mental Health Day encourages discussion in Brighton and Hove

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Today marks the global recognition of mental health awareness, ‘World Mental Health Day’, encouraging charities and organisations to share their endeavours in mental health care. This year’s theme decided by the World Federation for Mental Health focuses specifically on young people and how mental health manifests in a changing world.


According to the World Health Organisation, one in four people across the globe are affected by a mental health disorder. As cultural stigma still surrounds the topic, particularly with men, only one-third of people suffering from a mental disorder seek professional help. In Brighton and Hove, it is estimated 2,795 children between 5 and 16 suffer from a health disorder.



Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavillion, challenged the Prime Minister on Twitter today by outlining the effects of national cuts to services and neglecting mental health monitoring in schools. This is being widely discussed this week with a demonstration in Brighton taking place on Saturday against cuts to local authorities.


Brighton YMCA and Mind Brighton and Hove showed their support for World Mental Health Day by leading a walk from Hove Lawns, along the seafront and to the Unitarian Church to show solidarity in reducing the stigma surrounding mental health issues. The event was also attended by representatives from AgeUK Brighton and Hove, Dementia Action B&H, and also members of the public.


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Other places around Brighton showing their longstanding support for mental health on Twitter included SEA LIFE Brighton, Brighton LGBT, Brighton Business School, and Brighton & Hove City Council Fostering Service. Brighton Photo Fringe has curated an exhibition called ‘InsideOut Brighton’ in support of World Mental Health Day. It can be viewed on West Beach, which is designed to inspire and strengthen a dialogue for young people and mental health.



Although there has been a huge amount of support on social media bringing recognition to mental health, many people struggle to make the next step and get professional guidance for recovery. If you are seeking advice on a mental health disorder or know someone who is suffering, there are a number of facilities in Brighton and Hove you can visit for more information:

Brighton and Hove Wellbeing 

Young People’s Centre

Mind Brighton and Hove. 

AgeUK Brighton and Hove

BHT Mental Health 

The Samaritans of Brighton, Hove, and District

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