100 Tails Of Us: Immersive and Interactive Show Full of Wonder and Exploration Comes to Theatre Royal This Christmas


Young children and their families are in for a treat this Christmas as they follow this funny and enchanting story around hidden parts of Theatre Royal Brighton.

Deep within the Theatre a son and daughter of two different families make an exciting discovery, each other’s existence! They are not alone, as the elders had them believe.

As you peer through tiny keyholes, open miniature doors and read teeny notes in secret code a hidden world is revealed, and it’s much bigger than anyone imagined.

Following the sell-out success of A Winter’s Trail and Amongst the Stars, award winning Herringbone Arts spend their third Christmas at Theatre Royal Brighton with 100 Tails of Us, a magical tale of the mysterious and mischievous unseen residents of the Theatre!

This is a promenade performance with the audience led by actors and puppets, up and down hidden stairwells and through spaces filled with beautifully detailed installations. There’s things to see, make and do as you follow the trail, solve the clues and celebrate friendship, cheese and Christmas!

Brighton based Herringbone Arts are a company who are excited by tiny details, pop up books and the doors behind KEEP OUT signs. They create work that is engaging, inventive and most importantly of all an unforgettable experience for children and their families.

Performances take place at various times during the day from 1 – 24 December, prices from £10.50, running time 1 hour

Herringbone Arts are Brighton based Fran Malone, an artist with 12 years’ experience as a Primary School teacher and Madeleine Herrington, a theatre maker and professional actress.

They are passionate about creating shared experiences through site responsive, miniature puppet theatre and installation, transforming ordinary spaces into something magical and unforgettable, where audience members connect with each other.


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