5 Fun Things To Do With Your Friends In Brighton


Entertaining friends can be difficult. Whether it’s your friend from back home visiting you at uni, a pal you haven’t seen in years coming to see where you live or friends you see all the time but want to do something new with, we are here with our suggestions to help you out.

The Hare & Hounds via Brighton Visitor
The Hare & Hounds via Brighton Visitor

1. Visit A Cool Beer Garden

Brighton is absolutely bursting with pubs, but what makes a good pub stand out from any old one, is usually the beer garden. During the Summer months, there’s nothing like kicking back and relaxing in a bright, sun filled, pub garden with a pint (or whatever takes your fancy). Luckily, many of Brighton’s pubs have great beer gardens full of quaint booths and are often equipped with heaters! So whether you want an afternoon drink with your pals or a late night gathering, Brighton beer gardens will definitely cater to you.

Boy Parker. Credit @ Stephanie Newton
Boy Parker. Credit @ Stephanie Newton

2. Venture Down The Lanes

As you probably know, the lanes have a lot to offer and are one of Brighton’s main attractions. As fun as it is to simply wonder down there and absorb the atmosphere, if you really want to make a day of it be sure to check out all the shops! With such narrow paths, it can be easy to miss shops that are tucked away or don’t boast vibrant merchandise outside. So if you really want to experience the lanes, wander in and out of shops, checking out what they have to offer. You never know what you might come across…

Brighton Beach. Credit @ Stephanie Newton
Brighton Beach. Credit @ Joe Roberts

3. Barbecue At The Beach!

As with the lanes, the beach is another key attraction in Brighton. The beach is great for lots of reasons, but what’s better than barbecuing on it? BYOB and a bucket barbecue with food of your choice, to save money and have a good time doing it. I’ll admit, going out for dinner with friends is great, but often it’s loud and table arrangements prevent you from talking to people properly. With the beach, you can sit however you like and it’s usually pretty quiet so you can natter the night away with old friends. Bring a picnic blanket and portable speaker for ultimate comfort. PS, when barbecuing be sure to be safe and pick up any litter you may leave behind!

Credit @ Stephanie Newton
Outside The Marlborough. Credit @ Stephanie Newton

4. Explore The Town’s Street Art Scene

With so much culture right on our doorstep, why not take the time to swap out an art gallery for street art? From graffiti, to buskers to pop up art installations, Brighton has it all. Within one circle of the town centre, I guarantee you could find a whole bunch of exciting street art pieces! During the Summer especially, there’s a busker on every corner usually offering a twist on music as we know it. Why not use this as a photo opportunity and take pictures of the art you see to share with your friends and celebrate our wonderful city!

Via Q Magazine
Via Q Magazine

5. Catch A Gig

With so many venues, seize the opportunity and get tickets for you and your friends to a local gig! From Concorde 2, to Brighton Dome to The Hope & Ruin, Brighton’s venues have played host to many big names over the years. So, whatever your budget there’s sure to be somewhere suitable for you.  If you’re looking for future inspiration, why not check out our gigs of the week posts out every Monday that can be found here.


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