5 Hacks to Help Keep Your House Tidy This Christmas Season


Cleaning is not something that usually springs to mind when talking about the Christmas season. But, as you set up the decorations, open your doors to family and prepare to tackle the turkey, it may be a good idea to make room for the upcoming food, friends and festivities. Here are some of our top tips to help you keep your house tidy this Christmas.

Declutter your space

One way to help keep things tidy is to simply give everything a home. The earlier into December the better and if you can’t find it a home, get rid – it will make your space look instantly cleaner and improve your mood. If you know exactly where things need to go, it’ll become easier over time to naturally tidy them away out of sight. Anything you don’t need can be donated to charity, sold on a site such as eBay or Shpock or even moved up into the loft, ready for spring when the car boot sale events start up again.

Bring in the professionals

If you’re in a rental property, your tenancy agreement may be coming to an end in the New Year. You may want to save yourself the time and hassle it takes to  deep-clean the carpets and hire a cleaning company like, Molly Maid to do it for you. They’ll be able to do the nitty gritty to ensure you get as much of your deposit back as possible and leave you feeling completely stress-free over the Christmas period.

Tidy little, but often

If you see something that requires a quick wipe down, clothes need putting away or a room needs a hoover, do it there and then. It’ll make your home look cleaner without spending hours at a time with the duster and polish.

Plan ahead

The holiday season brings festive feasts and surprise visits from friends and family, so it always helps to prepare and plan ahead. Factor in some time to wash the dishes, bin the rubbish and plump those pillows before bed, which means you can wake up feeling fresh and prepared for any visitors that may come knocking.

Have some cupboard staples handy

For a quick and easy solution to pesky pine needles, use duct tape to pick up fallen strays from your carpet. Baking soda is every cleaners dream as it’ll shine up baking trays, absorb old food smells and can even remove pesticides from fruit and vegetables. Lastly, you could also try to save and reuse your empty egg cartons to store fragile Christmas decorations, ready for next year.

Feeling ready for the Christmas season? Employ these hacks for a cleaner home to enjoy when the festivities begin.

Featured image by Joe Ross


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