5 Stag Ideas For an Active Groom-to-be


If the groom-to-be is an active man who enjoys the outdoors, then you should keep this in mind when planning the stag do.

He is bound to appreciate an activity-filled stag party over sitting in the corner of a bar, drinking pints and being dressed up in some ludicrous fancy dress – although this could always be the evening activity of course.

But for the daytime, here are five ideas for an active groom, to ensure that his stag do is one to remember and not forget:

1. Bubble Football If the groom-to-be loves a kick around, when he isn’t watching his team play, then he will love spending his stag do playing football with a twist. You may consider yourself the next Ronaldo, but will you be able to score goals when you are encased within a zorb?

It works just like a normal game of football- the winning team scores the most goals – you just have a bubble to bump your opponents out the way with, or at least attempt to.

2. Archery: If you fancy something a little more serious then why not try your hand at archery? A steady hand, good aim and concentration will be required to hit your target – whether that be a coloured roundel or realistic 3D models. The competition will heat up as you compete to hit the bullseye with traditional Robin Hood-style bows.

3. Sailing  What could be better than getting out into the open water while encouraging the whole stag party to bond as they work together to catch the wind, ride the waves and win the race? There are a range of options when it comes to sailing – from dinghy sailing days to International America’s Cup Class yacht racing – each one will be fun and exhilarating.

No previous experience is required as fully qualified skippers and instructors are on hand to help and advise before the competition begins.

4. Footgolf: Does the groom to be love golf almost as much as he loves football? Then why not combine the two with footgolf? Footgolf is played on a course very similar to golf – except the holes are bigger and you use your foot instead of a golf club to kick a football into them.

Start with some warm up games such as Closest to the Pin and Longest Drive to bring out everyone’s competitive side and then it is time for the real games to start. If you fancy something a little different, then definitely give footgolf a go.

5. Hovercraft Racing: Fancy learning how to fly a hovercraft? This activity will teach you how to fly across the track and then enable you to put your new skill to the test as you race each other round a designated course. Courses offer a range of challenges to keep you on your toes – while some will require skill to navigate twists and turns, others are about speed and getting over the water correctly. Why not choose a few of the above and ensure the weekend is jam-packed from start to finish with fun activities that the groom and his stag party will enjoy.

Featured image by David Goehring


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