A Green Christmas: Brighton’s Zero Waste Christmas Market

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It’s that time of year again, the evenings are darker and there’s a crisp frost settling on the streets of Brighton. December has crept up on us very quickly, which means Christmas is just around the corner. Crowds of people swarm the shops, trying to find the perfect presents. As well as all the other trimmings we are expected to buy in time for Christmas. 

The list is endless, especially with all of our traditions in place to make it special. For example, the Christmas tree has been around since the 16th century. So, it’s become a ritual to decorate one in our homes every December. Christmas crackers, which were created 1845-1850, are now also a key element to our Christmas routine.

Not to mention all the food, stockings and presents to go under the tree. It’s a time for indulging ourselves and who doesn’t love the excuse to do so? These rituals and traditions make the day different from any other day. They make us feel that warm Christmas feeling and wouldn’t life be mundane without cause for celebration?

The Reality of Tradition

With all of these things to think about, there is so much to buy. But also, so much waste. Unfortunately, things like the Christmas cracker are huge contenders for this. As the novelty items inside quite often end up in the bin. In reality, no one really wants or needs the miniature plastic stencils or fake moustache, but they return every single year without fail.

Something else which returns with a vengeance every year are Brussels sprouts. They are a real conversation starter at the dinner table, as so many people passionately hate them. It has been estimated that 17.2 million Brussels sprouts go uneaten! However, this doesn’t stop their frequent appearance. Every year we continue to make those who hate them try one like a ‘Bush Tucker trial’.

Christmas is supposed to be an amazing day where all the family gets together and we forget about our worries. However, we still need to be mindful about what is going to waste. This doesn’t mean we have to throw our traditions and presents out the window. There are ways we can reduce our carbon footprint!

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Brighton Zero Waste Christmas Market

This year on December 15th, there will be a Zero Waste Christmas Market held in ‘The Old Market’. After being so popular in London, the first City in Europe to host a Zero Waste Christmas Market, it is now coming to Brighton.

This is a chance to indulge ourselves, while shopping in the knowledge that all of the products are good for the planet. There are 43 zero waste brands to choose our gifts from. Not to forget gift wrapping which usually gets torn to shreds and binned, so there will be zero waste gift wrapping too.

If we don’t like the chore of wrapping presents either, then there will be a gift wrapping station where people will do it for you! So, you can avoid it all together and sit back with a mulled wine instead.

There are also festive workshops, face paints and a chance to win some free goodies as every ticket is put into a prize draw. The market has all the usual things you would expect from any other Christmas Market, so it highlights all the alternative waste free ideas which are out there.

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This Christmas Market sets an example and brings hope that the World is changing for the better. The majority of us are now more aware of the impact we have on this planet. So, we are all trying to recycle as much as possible and find more ethically sourced products.

So, it is possible to be creative and cut down the amount we send to landfill this year, without cutting out Christmas!

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For more information on the Zero Waste Christmas Market click here.

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